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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Reveals How is Touring with Ozzy Osbourne

Metallica‘s famous drummer Lars Ulrich revealed how is touring with Ozzy Osbourne. He also opens up for Cliff Burton‘s death and more.

There is a huge history between Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Black Sabbath bands. Sometimes they are touring together and they spent time together a lot. One of the stories between them so interesting and Lars Ulrich talks about that. He talks about some details of how he feels about touring with Ozzy Osbourne. And he looked back to Cliff Burton‘s death.

In a recent interview on Brian Johnson’s a Life on the Road, Lars Ulrich talked about Ozzy Osbourne and Cliff Burton’s death in 1986:

It was just playing, beverages, on to the next thing – play, beverages… You usually lived in this little bubble, this little vacuum. A couple of years later, we were opening for Ozzy in arenas across America for six months.

He was just becoming a big post-Black Sabbath solo artist who still, obviously, his reputation was that he was out of his mind. He would show up at the gig for soundcheck, and he would be sound-checking in Sharon’s dress or something. You never quite knew what was gonna happen, and it was just so much fun. Again, 21-22 years old, you’re playing for 45 minutes, you get off stage, you jump straight in a bottle of vodka, and the headliner is on, you get a chance to go out in the audience, meet people, hang out… You’re just fucking living the dream.

About six months into that tour, our manager came down to the last show in Norfolk, Virginia, and we had a meeting in the back of the bus at three o’clock in the afternoon. And we’re sitting there, and he goes, ‘I got something to tell you, boys.’ And we’re like, ‘Uh-oh, now what did we do?’ And he goes, ‘You’ve all made enough money to go and buy houses now.’ And we all sat and looked at each other, and we’re like, ‘What? Say that again! What the fuck?!’

We couldn’t compute the fact that we were out there doing what we wanted to do, having more fun than you could ever imagine, and at the same time, you got paid for it! And I remember Cliff, our bass player, who was a couple of years older than us and still lived with his parents, he actually almost got emotional. He was sitting there, going, ‘I’m gonna buy my parents a house!’ It was a really beautiful moment.”

And talked about Cliff Burton’s death: 

“We were so young that we were not able to process what had happened. And the only way that we could deal with it was to put the blinders on and just move forward and just continue. It was like – if we did that, we never had to slow down and think about what had happened. And we never put ourselves in a place where there was a chance that we would go, ‘Holy fuck! We just lost one of our family members, one of our brothers!'”

You can watch Metallica‘s – “For Whom the Bell Tolls” video below!

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