The 10 Best Pitbull Songs of All-Time


Pitbull is a rapper who has transcended time and trends in the ever-changing hip-hop industry. His rise to fame was meteoric; his infectious beats and slick lyrics were widely adored by thousands upon thousands of fans, spanning across continents. He isn’t just putting out hits, though; this man has talent that makes the best rappers seem amateurs. His songs have become staples in pop culture, and his list of hits is so extensive that it’s impossible to rank them appropriately. But you’ve come here for a reason, so let’s get down to business. Here are the ten best Pitbull songs of all-Time.

10. Blanco

Although it wasn’t Pitbull’s best song, this collaboration with superstar Pharrell made international news and was one of 2011’s biggest hits. It even shot up to #1 on the UK charts. The beat is catchy, innovative, and most importantly, not sampled from any other artists. Not to mention that Pitbull’s lyrics always come with a touch of humor and wit. It talks about how honored he feels that beautiful women worldwide are falling in love with him.

9. Shake Senora

Oh Yeah is one of my personal favorites: Pitbull starts singing in an unintelligible voice and suddenly drops his trademark smooth flow in the chorus. The lyrics are simple, the beat is hard, and although not much thought is put into the lyrics, it’s still a great song. Pitbull talks about a pretty girl shaking her “oh yeah” and how he loves to see it in this song. You can’t help but start snapping your fingers and bobbing your head.

8. I Know You Want Me

This song was Pitbull’s first real hit; it even reached #2 on the US Billboard Top 100 in 2009. However, this version is the real gem. The beat is incredibly catchy, and Pitbull’s lyrics are just braggadocious enough to be cool but not obnoxious. He talks about how he’ll never stop rapping because “this is his passion” and alludes to his unique heritage by mentioning Calle Ocho (a famous street in Miami).

7. Hotel Room Service

This song always makes me laugh a little bit, even if it’s just the idea of being able to order hotel room service from your bed and have it delivered straight to you. Pitbull talks about how he has money to blow on things like these extravagant trips because “the club was bumpin’, so I had to come.” He talks about being a baller and having a glamorous lifestyle. It’s something everyone can relate to, even though some of the lyrics are a little silly. In this song, Pitbull also sings parts of the chorus in Spanish, which he does in several other songs.

6. Bon, Bon

This song was one of Pitbull’s biggest hits ever, and it came from his first studio album back in 2005. It dropped jaws with T-Pain’s signature autotune mixed with a catchy electro beat and some great lyrics about how he loves women. He praises women for their curvy figures and talks about how he loves to have a good time with them. It’s one of those songs that has been played at clubs for years, and even now, it still sounds as fresh as the day it came out.

5. Hey Baby

Pitbull has collaborated with many major artists over the years, and this song was one of his biggest hits. It reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2011 and is probably Pitbull’s most well-known song. The beat is incredibly catchy and is used frequently at nightclubs and bars to get everyone dancing. In this song, Pitbull talks about how he loves seeing beautiful women dance and how it’s “like a beauty shop” when they drop it to the floor.

4. Timber

This song was one of the best songs of 2014 and brought together two pop superstars: Kesha and Pitbull. Kesha’s vocals are catchy, and the music video is fun; this song has everything you could want in a top 40 hit. The chorus is quite catchy, and although it seems like an unlikely collaboration, Kesha and Pitbull make it work perfectly. It explains how he wants to spend time with someone; the song is about that “one girl” and how she always makes him think of her.

3. Give Me Everything

This song was another hit that made Pitbull a household name. The music video has several celebrity cameos and is well-known for being one of the most expensive ever, at over $1 million. It features Afrojack’s signature beats mixed with some great lyrics by Pitbull. In this song, Pitbull talks about partying all night long and how he’s “out to turn the club out.” It’s another one of those songs that always gets people up and dancing.

2. Hey Ma

This song was Pitbull’s collaboration with J Balvin, Camila Cabello, and TINI. The chorus is catchy as hell, and the Spanish lyrics are excellent. The song is a feel-good song that is a must-play anytime you are having a good time with your friends.

1. International Love

This song was the second single from Pitbull’s third studio album and featured Chris Brown. It’s a feel-good song about loving people all over the world, regardless of what language they speak or where they come from. Pitbull sings in Spanish at some point during this song, making it unique and interesting to listen to. He talks about how he wants to take people out and party with them, and the song is all about having a good time. It’s a song that will make you smile and feel good inside, and it’s arguably Pitbull’s best song.

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