10 Awesome Songs About Reading

Reading has often been compared to exercise for the brain. It is regarded so highly that Margaret Fuller, a renowned American philosopher, once said if you are a reader today, tomorrow you will be a leader. Songwriters acknowledge this hence they write about books, sometimes figuratively. There are many songs about reading you can find but here are the most awesome.

10. “Wrapped Up in Books” by Belle & Sebastien

The little-known band that barely has videos of its songs or photos on the internet surprised its fans by releasing an official video of the song. The lyrics tell the story of a man who admires a girl from a distance. Although the two have never been intimate, he still feels he is being unfaithful whenever he is far away from her. He terms the “relationship” a fantasy affair which can only be kept alive by being wrapped up in books.

9. “Diary” by Tino Coury

Well, diaries are supposed to be private and with good reason thus Coury narrates the shock of his life after reading his girlfriend’s dairy. He read her thoughts and learned that she was in love with another man. With the turning of each page, the singer got to know more about his girlfriend falling out of love with him and wondering how she would break the news to him. She says in her diary that she is leaving him and Coury wishes he could not have seen what he had read.

8. “Between the Lines” by Christopher Martin

The expression “read between the lines” is popular and Martin decided to use it in this song. The reggae artist urges men to always watch out for signs that a woman is no longer interested in the relationship. Martin advises men to let women go instead of turning to other drastic measures when love turns sour.

7. “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles

According to Far Out Magazine, Paul McCartney’s aunt was tired of listening to The Beatles’ songs about love and lust. She wanted to hear something different and interesting even if it meant writing about a horse. Her wish came true when McCartney read about a struggling author in a story published in The Daily Mail. McCartney informed Lennon of his idea to write a song in the form of a letter to a publisher and that’s how “Paperback Writer” came to be. It urges the publisher to read the story and give the author some feedback so that he can make any changes necessary.

6. “Buy Me A Rose” by Kenny Rogers

They say communication is vital in a relationship and the late country singer made this clear through this song. Rogers sings of a man devoted to making his wife happy by giving her all the fine things in life such as a three-car garage, and credit cards. Unfortunately, the woman is not interested in such and would prefer simple gestures like roses or a call from work. If only the man could read her mind so she would stop feeling lonely and eventually she wonders if she should speak up.

5. “If You Get There Before I Do” by Collin Raye

The narrator starts the song by talking about reading a note his grandmother left on a tree in the woods for his grandfather to find. It is a captivating song that tells of a love so deep the two lovebirds had for each other that nothing would keep them apart. It still is sad because the narrator reads the note a few hours before his grandmother passes away.

4. “Write This Down” by George Strait

This country singer sings about writing a note to the love of his life because she is already thinking about leaving him. Still, he believes if he writes a note and she reads it, she will know for sure that he still loves her. It is imperative for him to profess his love in writing so the woman can read the words every day to convince herself of the love he has for her. Strait even urges her to chisel the words in stone so that generations to come can also bear witness to his love upon reading them.

3. “If You’re Reading This” by Tim McGraw

According to The Country Daily, McGraw revealed his inspiration for the song was a Times magazine article. The article talked about soldiers who wrote letters and placed them in their pockets in case something happened to them while at war. Many soldiers lose their lives in war-torn countries and the country singer thought such a song was a great tribute to the heroes. Therefore, McGraw enlisted the help of Brad and Brett Warren to pen down the lyrics of a song that moves people to tears.

2. “Read My Mind” by The Killers

In this song by The Killers, the narrator wonders if anyone can read his mind. According to an interview with NME, Brandon Flowers revealed that initially “Read My Mind” was born out of “Little Angel,” another song by the band that the producer felt was not good enough. Thankfully, Flowers was receptive of the positive criticism and wrote “Read My Mind” which became his favorite of all the bands’ songs. The bandmember drew inspiration from his childhood experiences to write the nostalgic piece.

1. “Read All About It, (Pt. III)” by Emeli Sande

If ever there was a song that calls for a revolution then this is it. Although from the lyrics it is unclear precisely what the singer wants the world to know, the song is perfect as a symbol of rebellion. In the song, Sande says she is no longer afraid and will even have the radio and television broadcast her tune. The lyrics are powerful and have been interpreted differently some believing they are a call to end domestic violence. The singer urges people to let their voices be heard and if it means publishing their opinions in the papers for others to read, so be it.

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