The 10 Best Tim McGraw Songs of All-Time

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw was born in Delhi, Lousiana, on May 1st, 1967. He didn’t find out until later in life that his father was legendary baseball player Tug McGraw. His musical influence was a range of different genres, including pop, rock, and r&b. He later went to the University of Louisiana on a baseball scholarship, although in 1989, he dropped out and headed to Nashville. Sadly, it was the same day legendary country performer Keith Whitley died. On October 6th, 1996, he married fellow country star Faith Hill. According to an US magazine interview, their marriage is one of the few that have lasted through mega-hit careers. Additionally, they commented about the couple’s reason for success, no secrets, and always being each other’s best friends. They’ve been married for 24 years and have three daughters; Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey. Tim McGraw took the mid 90s country scene by storm with his first hit Indian Outlaw. His style ushered country music into a phase known as arena rock. Even though he has many songs that are best played loud, a lot of his slower, more thoughtful songs are what has sustained his fan base. These are Tim McGraw’s top ten Hot 100 songs, according to Billboard.

10. One of Those Nights


This song is from the album Two Lanes of Freedom and is the first one released on Big Machine records. McGraw’s former label Curb started a legal battler with the singer after he filed a lawsuit to be removed from his contract. As a result, many people thought this song was about his disenchantment from the record label.

9. Humble and Kind


Lori McKenna wrote this song. Her inspiration was the day she dropped her five children off at school. It was a song of advice and principles she wanted them to carry with them through their life. But, once Tim McGraw sang the song, it touched many more people.

8. Real Good Man


Rivers Rutherford and George Teren wrote this song for bad boys with a gold heart after a woman described them as the song title. According to Song Facts, Rivers wife was taken aback when his friend Claudia told him that way. A group of songwriters took on the project, making the songwriter think it would never get finished. They almost gave up, but it became the hit we listen to on the radio after several hours.

7. Felt Good on My Lips


This was a new song on his Number One Hits album, written by Bret and Brad Warren and Bret and Jim Beavers. The music started with guitar chords and not lyrics. However, after having an idea of the overall feel, they started the lyrics, quickly writing them. Although it became one of McGraw’s charted songs, Jim Beaver thought it was an odd-sounding song.

6. Highway Don’t Care (Duet Taylor Swift)


This is another song co-written by Bret Warren. In addition, they added one of Big Machine’s fellow artists Taylor Swift and also Keith Urban. McGraw was thrilled to work with the pair. According to, during a Billboard interview, he said, “Those are two of my favorite artists.” Additionally, he felt the song lyrics were something that needed to be said. Although the song speaks about freedom, there is a lot of regret in the lyrics. Swift’s opportunity to work with McGraw was a unique collaboration since her first hit was Tim McGraw.

4. Don’t Take The Girl


Seventeen years later, this song still makes fans tear up. It was a massive departure from the first hit fans heard. Throughout the music, the lyrics evolve from young teenage love to a man’s desperate plea for his wife not to die. Although, the end of the song leaves listeners believing the wife survived. According to, Co-writer, Craig J. Martin wrote this song during a dark time in his career. He decided to move and luckily met a woman who he fell for ultimately. One night she wanted to cheer him up by making homemade pizza. Her kindness touched him, and the lyrics just poured out.

3. Indian Outlaw


Perhaps the controversy surrounding this song was what made it a huge hit. William Mankiller, part of the Cherokee nation, asked an Oklahoma radio station to take the piece off the air because he thought it was insulting and promoted racism. He further commented that McGraw was building his career by culturally appropriating Indians. Even though some felt playing the song was wrong, it was so catchy; some compared it to Achy Breaky Heart.

2. Please Remember Me (Duet Patty Loveless)


Rodney Crowell wrote this song with Will Jennings and planned on recording it. The pair worked on the song long distance and eventually put together the chorus title and instrumentation. The chorus is something everyone who’s gone through a painful breakup understands. Even though it’s sad when someone you love leaves; it still carries a message of hope; because it speaks to wishing a former love the best in life. McGraw and Loveless were the second pair to record the song. Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt were the first.

1. It’s Your Love (Duet with Faith Hill)


Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s marriage is one of the most beautiful success stories among country music stars. When the pair did the duet they weren’t married. Stephony Smith and Missy Gallimore pitched the song to McGraw after Byron Gallimore heard it and knew he wanted the singer to record it. The two singers were touring together. When McGraw heard it and knew it was perfect for the couple to record. So he played it for Faith Hill, and it was a mutual decision.

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