The 10 Best Rodney Crowell Songs of All-Time

Rodney Crowell

The two-time Grammy award winner Rodney Crowell’s journey in music began at age seven in his native Houston. He started by playing drums at his father’s band called Honky-tonk. He developed to become one of the greatest country artists in the world. He is talented in many ways. Not only does Rodney mesmerize his fans with a charismatic voice, but he is also a distinguished songwriter and music producer. As a recording artist, he has released over 20 studio albums during his distinguished career, of which about five of his singles have reached number 1 in chart shows. Here are 10 of the Best Rodney Crowell Songs over the years.

10. “Shelter from the Storm” (Album: The Outsider 2005)


Bob Dylan initially did shelter from the Storm in 1974. Rodney Crowell incorporated Emmylou Harris on this cover. It was released in 2005 in his twelfth studio album, the Outsider. The message in this song is mainly about the mistake that we always make of not appreciating what we have until we lose it. According to Classic Rock History, this song featured as a soundtrack for the 1996 romantic movie “Jerry Maguire”

9. It’s Such a Small World (Album: Diamonds & Dirt 1988)


This song is among the ones Crowell recorded with Rosanne Cash when they were still married. The theme is about two former lovers who meet again in New York City after many years, and the two end up rekindling their old flame love and spend an evening together.

8.” Till I Gain Control Again”(Album: Rodney Crowell 1981)


This song Crowell wrote to show how talented he was while still working under Jerry Reed’s Company. He was in the company of other renowned Country songwriters in Nashville. This song was so interesting that several other high-profile country singers, such as Waylon Jennings and Crystal Gayle, have released its cover.

7. “Making Memories of Us”(Album: The Notorious Cherry Bombs 2004)


“Making Memories of Us” is one of Crowell’s poetic works that several other country artists have covered. Among those covers, Keith Urban’s rendition was the one that became popular and even reached position one on the U.S.Billboard Country Songs charts. The inspiration behind this song, according to Crowell, was to dedicate it to his wife during Valentine’s. It was a last-minute idea that popped into his mind. He spent two hours composing it, something that amazed him. Love was in the air then. Crowell is one of the lines that talks about pledging his life to his wife. The song’s recording happened in 2004, the same day Urban did her hit version.

6.” I Ain’t Living Like This” (Album: Ain’t Living Long Like This 1978)


This is another cover by Crowell that Gary Stewart and later Emmylou Harris was initially done. Crowell recorded it in 1978. It was later done in 1979 by Jennings and ended up the number one hit from this legend.

5. “Many a Long and Lonesome Highway”(Album: Keys to the Highway 1989)


This song showcased why Crowell is such a respected songwriter. It has breathtaking lyrics. It was recorded with some lovely melodies when He recorded it in the 1989 album Keys to the Highway. It peaked at number 3 on the U.S.Billboard Hot Country Songs when he released it. It also dominated the Canadian Country Charts for some time.

4. “She’s Crazy for Leaving” (Album: Diamonds & Dirt 1988)


This country hit was written by Crowell and another country singer friend called Guy Clark. Guy released his version first in 1981 when he released his album the South Coast of Texas, which Crowell produced for him. Crowell waited seven years before he released his version in 1988 in the album Diamonds & Dirt. This version became an instant hit and reached position one on the U.S. Billboards charts. During that time at position 1, it spent about fourteen weeks on the charts.

3.” After All This Time” (Album: Diamonds & Dirt 1988)


Crowell wrote “After All This Time” when his relationship with Rosanne faced some challenges. According to Country Thank Daily, that period of challenges was when Crowell was getting inspiration to write amazing songs. This song talks about how someone can endure love. It was a challenging period for him. It took him four years to complete writing it. This endurance paid off because the song is one of the number one hits from his album Diamonds & Dirt.

2. “Please Remember Me” (Album: Jewel of the South 1995)


“Please Remember Me” was a collaboration between Crowell and Will Jennings. The two wrote the song together before Crowell recorded it in his 1995 album Jewel of South. This single peaked on the Billboard U.S. Hot country charts at position 69. This song enabled Cowell to be nominated for the songwriter of the year at CMAs and ACMs.

1. “I Walk the Line “(Revisited)(Album: The Houston Kid 2001)


Rodney Crowell grew up listening to country music. This top song that brought him much success was a cover song he recorded with his former father-in-law Johnny Cash. The original song was done in 1956. He retained the complete lyrics of the song but changed the melodies. This cover was a tribute to his father in law for the respect he had for him and his songs. It is believed that this was a song that changed Crowell’s life. The two great country singers also teamed up again in 1998 and recorded a duet of this song. Crowell included it in his album 2001, the Houston Kid. Overall, Crowell’s influence in country music has been significant both as a songwriter, producer, nurturing new artists, and as a recording artist, something that has extended far and wide. His passion for music is notable with the numerous accolades he has received and the album he has released. I hope one or two of your favorite hits from him has made it into this top ten list.

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