Ranking All The Songs from the Man on Fire Soundtrack

Man on Fire

Man On Fire is one of the best action films in the entertainment industry, as long as you don’t mind the lengthy running time. Overall, it’s a high-quality film that’s also unpredictable, and quite entertaining. The film is a gritty, get-the-bad guys vengeance, action thriller movie featuring a persistent and rough Denzel Washington, who plays John Creasy. He has three characters here: a drunk mercenary, a loving father figure to a young girl, and a murderous madman on the loose looking for answers and vengeance. Man On Fire was composed by Brian Helgeland and directed by one of the most talented English film directors, Anthony David Scott. The film is based on A. J. Quinnell’s 1980 novel of the same name. The film’s soundtrack debuted on the 27th of July, 2004, and was composed by Harry Gregson Williams. The Man On Fire original motion picture soundtrack is made up of twenty-eight tracks. Here is the ranking of all the songs from the entire soundtrack.

28. Man On Fire Remix – Harry Gregson-Williams


This track was released in 2004 and was contained in the Man On Fire original motion picture motion soundtrack. The legendary Harry Gregson-Williams has composed most of the tracks included in this film’s soundtrack, and “Man On Fire Remix” is one of them.

27. The End – Harry Gregson-Williams


“The End” is one of the catchy and emotional songs in the soundtrack that will quickly stir up your emotions. This song complements the film’s varied emotions, including unconditional love and total pain.

26. The Rooftop -Harry Gregson-Williams


This masterpiece is well known for its unique rhythm and flow. “The Rooftop” is one of those tracks that will make you get up on your feet and dance to it.

25. Sanchez Family – Harry Gregson-Williams


Like the rest of the tracks in the soundtrack, “Sanchez Family” was also composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. Because this song was written particularly for this film, there are no other versions of it.

24. The Voice – Harry Gregson-Williams


“The Voice” is a track composed and performed by Harry Gregson-Williams. It is one of the tracks in the soundtrack that received a lot of positive reviews from the film’s fans.

23. Creasy’s Art Is Death – Harry Gregson-Williams


This masterpiece exactly rhymes with the scene in the film in which it plays. This particular scene in which it plays is rated as one of the best scenes in the film.

22. La Nina – Harry Gregson-Williams


This music was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams for the movie Man on Fire.

21. Oye Como Va – Kinky


This is a cool track to vibe to. In 1970, the song became a worldwide hit.

20. Gonzalez – Harry Gregson-Williams


This is another track that was composed and performed by Harry Gregson-Williams. This track debuted in 2004.

19. Pita’s Room – Harry Gregson-Williams


“Pita’s Room” is one emotional and touchy track. It is one track that can soothe you to sleep. This is enough proof to show how good it is.

18. The Crime Scene – Harry Gregson-Williams


This soundtrack is a precious diamond that must be preserved until the end of time. “The Crime Scene” is one of the songs on the soundtrack that was greatly loved by its fans.

17. She’s Dead – Harry Gregson-Williams


The number seventeen track on our list is a song performed and composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. In retrospect, This track was nothing less than brilliant.

16. You Betrayed Me – Harry Gregson-Williams


The track was also released in 2004 and is contained in the Man On Fire original motion picture motion soundtrack.

15. Angel Vengador – Harry Gregson-Williams


The lyrics of this song sound surreal and are the epitome of pure art. “Angel Vengador” was also released in 2004.

14. The Drop – Harry Gregson-Williams


This is among the best tracks in the soundtrack. “The Drop” is one of the songs that stood out on the film’s soundtrack.

13. No Mariachi – Harry Gregson-Williams


This song was the epitome of one of those rare situations when the soundtrack outperformed the film by a huge margin.

12. You Are Her Father – Harry Gregson-Williams


I can’t believe how forward-thinking this song was at the time; it’s still wonderful today.

11. Smiling – Harry Gregson-Williams


This music is ironic in that it is titled Smiling, but it may make you really emotional. It is the perfect song to cry to.

10. Followed – Harry Gregson-Williams


This song was written and recorded exclusively for the soundtrack of the movie. “Followed” is one great track that was received so well by the film’s audience.

9. Bullet Tells The Truth – Harry Gregson-Williams


“Bullet Tells The Truth” is also a brilliant track composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.

8. Nightmare – Harry Gregson-Williams


The audience favourably appreciated “Nightmare,” and it garnered many views on YouTube.

7. Pita’s Sorrow – Harry Gregson-Williams


This tune is thought to be ahead of its time, and I suppose it is. “Pita’s Sorrow” was also released in 2004 and performed by Harry Gregson-Williams.

6. The Rave – Harry Gregson-Williams


“The Rave” is one of those tracks that will get you into character as you listen to it.

5. Creasy’s Room – Harry Gregson-Williams


This is a beautiful song that you could listen to on repeat. The performance of “Creasy’s Room” by Harry Gregson-Williams is unique thus making the tune attractive.

4. El Paso – Harry Gregson-Williams


This masterwork is well-loved since many of the film’s lovers wish the song was longer.

3. Taxi – Harry Gregson-Williams


Harry Gregson-Williams gave the music a spirited performance. Like every track on the soundtrack, “Taxi” is just brilliant.

2. Main Title – Harry Gregson-Williams


“Main Title” is that track that would make you want to play it on repeat. The Gregson-Williams Brothers finally team up in the composition of this track, hence making it one of the best-composed scores on the soundtrack.

1. Una Palabra – Carlos Varela


The number one score on our ranking of the songs included in the Man On Fire original motion picture motion soundtrack is a unique song that was composed and performed by Carlos Varela.

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