The 10 Best Creed Fisher Songs of All-Time

Creed Fisher

A born and bred Texan, Creed Fisher has been unapologetically bringing old country back since his arrival to the music scene in 2016. As a self-proclaimed country music rebel, Fisher’s musical equation is relatively simple—good stories plus good riffs equal great music. You won’t find a ton of fringes here, but what you will find in Fisher’s music are plenty of songs to relate to and much to enjoy. Here are the 10 best Creed Fisher songs of all time.

10. If You Have the Right to Burn My Flag


One message that comes across heavily in Creed Fisher’s music is patriotism. There’s no doubt that Fisher is a proud American, and this song is driven by the angst of someone who is willing to go down protecting this country. If You Have the Right to Burn My Flag echoes the sentiment of many Creed Fisher fans, especially in today’s political atmosphere.

9. Where the Whiskey Still Flows


No doubt that whiskey is a favorite subject matter in hundreds of country songs. What Fisher does in this song, however, is a country rock bridge that reflects Fisher’s penchant and talent for rock music. Heavy on the electric and dreamy on the riffs, this song is exactly the kind of song you’d like playing to accompany a night full of whiskey.

8. Kiss Away My Ghosts


Creed Fisher’s country ballads are a dime a dozen. That’s too bad because Fisher is highly effective as a ballad singer. His approach to this slow dance tune is heartfelt and sincere. Without the heavy electric in the background, Fisher’s strong vocals manages to shine and pierce right through. It’s a real treat for those who know about this song. It’s the kind that you can have on repeat and never tire of. It’s sweet, memorable, and truly touching.

7. Old Enough to Know Better


As the lead single to Creed Fisher’s second full album, Old Enough to Know Better brings a lot of personality and fun. While Fisher’s music is largely categorized as old country, you’ll hear a welcome drive of honkey tonk in this song. There’s no other way to describe it other than infectious. It’s no wonder the song was voted Single of the Year in 1994 by both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music.

6. This Place Called USA


Fisher dedicates this song to those that live to serve this country—the military, the police, firefighters, and so forth. This Place Called USA is the ultimate song of allegiance. Creed Fisher’s lyrical talent is most evident in this song. He can put into words deep patriotic sentiments of the citizens of this nation. The magic of this song is not in its composition but rather in its emotion and heart, and this is something that many love about Creed Fisher. He sings about what he loves and knows, and he does it with the kind of pure intent that demands nothing but respect.

5. Kiss My Rebel Ass


Catchy from the get-go, Kiss My Rebel Ass is one of Fisher’s large crowd and party pleasers. It’s a short song at under 3 minutes, but it delivers everything it needs to in that span of time. The song is all about being a country rebel—something that Creed Fisher identifies with at the very basic level of whatever that could be. Fisher isn’t afraid to be himself, and he also isn’t afraid to switch it up from song to song.

4. Simple Man


Here’s Creed Fisher addressing us all directly. This is who he is in song form, and it’s raw as anyone could take. Fisher’s honesty is the kind you can only nod your head to in agreement, as his honesty is also his humility and integrity. Simple Man is the song that speaks for most of us average folks that chugs on daily through hard work and faith. The message is simple for the simple man: you better watch where you go and remember where you been. It’s true for the faithful country folks, and it’s true also for the rest.

3. Bible on the Table


Creed Fisher proudly writes songs about the average man. He writes songs about what it’s like to grow up in the south. His goals are simple, but his songs are impeccable. He sings unapologetically, “Gonna do the best he can with a bible on the table and a whiskey in his hand.” It’s the perfect line that explains the dichotomy of human condition. There’s always good along with the bad, and Fisher puts it so effortlessly that it’s easy to relate. That’s the mark of Creed Fisher’s music.

2. This Town


Country music is known to tell the best stories, especially ones that are bound to bring tears to the eyes. This Town is more than just a song. It’s a letter to the places that we all call home—even the ones outside Texas. Although This Town is a rendition of what country folks might feel about the country, the song resonates even for those that grew up someplace else. This is the kind of song that could mean so much to someone. Fisher’s ability to paint a picture with a simple melody is truly moving.

1. Life of a Workin’ Man


Easily Creed Fisher’s most popular song, Life of a Workin’ Man is a slow country tune that is the highlight of this artists’ discography. This song is Fisher at his best. The easy catchy melody, the tugging lyrics, the raw honesty, and the ultimate simplicity—these are all that Fisher brings to the table. And they’re more than enough to make anyone a fan. Creed Fisher’s Life of a Workin’ Man is the kind of song that will never get old or become unrelatable. Hard work looks the same across all eras. It’s something that Fisher understands like no other. It’s the same thing that many of us understand as well.

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