The 10 Best Spiritbox Songs of All-Time


Spiritbox is a metal band from Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2016 and currently signed to Rise Records, the band consists of four members, Courtney LaPlante, Mike Stringer, Bill Crook, and Zev Rose. Spiritbox has released two EPs and one full-length album while performing at local venues across Canada and the US. The band emphasizes guitar riffs combined with lyrics about various topics, such as spiritual enlightenment and personal development. They’re widely popular in the metal scene for their catchy sound and powerful lyrics. Some of their most popular songs include “Constance” and “Circle With Me”. While they are still very fresh in their career, they still have an impressive catalog of songs. In this article, we will detail the top ten best Spiritbox songs of all time.

10. “Perennial”


Released on their second EP, “Singles Collection”, “Perennial” is an excellent track that begins with an ambient ringing of the guitars, drawing the listener in. Then LaPlante and Rose sing the chorus, followed by a short instrumental section. The song builds up with heavy guitars and an amazing acoustic section that leads to the end of the song. This is one of their more pop-friendly songs that doesn’t feature a lot of riffs.

9. “The Beauty Of Suffering”


“The Beauty Of Suffering” is one of their most well-known songs. It was originally released on their first EP, but was remastered for the compilation album, “Singles Collection”. It’s a very technical song that features the usual Spiritbox elements like steady riffs and amazing acoustic parts. The chorus to this song is also quite catchy, making it one of the best Spiritbox songs.

8. “Belcarra”


“Belcarra” is a song that was released on the “Singles Collection” compilation EP. It features an acoustic intro that leads into a heavy section, before returning to the chorus. The song then meanders between riffs and choruses, before ending with a very memorable piano solo. It sets them apart from a lot of bands in the metalcore scene today, and is one that fans love to hear live.

7. “Aphids”


Off their debut EP, “Aphids” is an incredibly fun and energetic metal track. It features a catchy chorus, and excellent guitar riffs throughout the song. The lyrics are also fun to sing along to, which is incredibly important for a band. The song maintains a consistent beat without feeling repetitive or dull. While it’s from their earlier work, they continue to play it live to this day, as it’s become a fan favorite.

6. “Rule Of Nines”


“Rule Of Nines” is a single they released in 2019. It features an intense heavy section with some incredible guitar riffs that build up to the chorus. The chorus is upbeat, but does feature a lot of technical vocals. While it’s not one of their most famous songs, it’s one that fans enjoy hearing live. The song has an intense breakdown as well, keeping with the signature metalcore sound.

5. “Constance”


“Constance” was released this year in early 2021, and is their most popular song of their new tracks. It’s a catchy chorus, with some of the most powerful vocals of any Spiritbox song. The riffs and the melody are memorable, and the solo is also incredible. The song does feel a bit out of place on their album, but it’s still enjoyable to listen to nonetheless. Constance has gained a lot of acclaim for its emotional themes, as noted by Loudwire.

4. “Secret Garden”


Another single, “Secret Garden” was released in 2021. The song starts off with a slow melody and a nice guitar solo. The song builds up to the chorus which is very heavy and features heart wrenching vocals. The chorus is the most memorable part of the track, as it’s fast paced and has some powerful lyrics that speak about life and death. This song was one of the most played on Spotify for Spiritbox, even though it’s not one of their more famous ones.

3. “Circle With Me”


Another single released in 2021, “Circle With Me” was well received by the fans. It’s another song with a fast paced chorus and heavy guitar riffs that’s very catchy. Courtney’s vocals are powerful and as a whole the song has a great meaning. The guitar work is also very impressive, and the bridge is very memorable with a great guitar solo.

2. “Blessed Be”


Released in late 2020, “Blessed Be” is a gritty and aggressive song that explodes on the listeners with a thunderous blast of an intro. The chorus is catchy and very memorable, and the band really sounds like they are having fun. The melodic bridge is also very catchy, and the abrasive guitar riffs make it nice to hear Courtney’s screaming vocals. All in all, a great song that was kind of overlooked. It was also named one of Alternative Press’ best songs of 2020.

1. “Holy Roller”


“Holy Roller” is by far the band’s biggest song. The band also has a version released featuring a verse from Ryo Kinoshita, which is also quite popular. The song’s music video helped keep their momentum up during the downtime from touring in 2020, and it’s left fans crazed waiting to finally hear it performed live.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered ten of the best Spiritbox songs, you can be sure that if you haven’t heard Spiritbox before, there’s a lot to discover. Their debut album is different from any other heavy metal album, and it certainly features a wide variety of sounds and emotions. It’s a strong first step from the band, and it allows them to continue to evolve in their music. As the band continues to grow an audience, they will likely put out more music too.

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