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Meghan Trainor

British fashion designer once said that fashion should be a form of escapism, not of imprisonment. With some people using music as their mode of escapism, it is not a surprise that many songwriters have written songs that talk about fashion. Whether it is due to love for designer brands or the need to make an impact on society, musicians continue to compose beautiful songs about fashion. Among those you should listen to, here are ten, a few dating back to five decades ago.

10. Dedicated Follower of Fashion by The Kinks

Allegedly, someone made fun of the pair of trousers The Kinks’ lead singer, Ray Davies, wore and Davies made this song as a response. Although the band’s bass player said it was an incredibly boring song, it still is one of their most famous ones. It talks about a man who is obsessed with his looks, going from one boutique to another and looking for the latest trends because he has to buy the best. In some way, the song could be used to warn people who are so shallow that they will seek compliments and flattery in any way they can.

9. Gucci Fendi Prada by Merk & Kremont

Fendi is a luxurious brand that will turn a hundred years old in 2025. It was started by Adele and Eduardo Fendi whose family has carried on the legacy of the opulence associated with the brand. The song not only focuses on Fendi but also other brands such as Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Nike. There is not much else in the song except the mention of the famous brands. Since the songwriters Merk and Kremont are Italian, it makes sense that they preferred having Italian designer brands as the title of the song.

8. My Adidas by RUN-DMC

When RUN-DMC decided to release the song “My Adidas,” they were trying to make an impact on society. For a long time, people had assumed that black people who wore Adidas were thugs or up to no good. Darry McDaniels, popularly known as D.M.C, explained that the discrimination against black people was so bad that anyone spotted wearing Adidas was automatically assumed to have stolen it. The song did well in the charts; Adidas experienced massive sales, resulting in a partnership between the company and rappers.

7. Fashion by Lady Gaga

Gaga’s love for fashion led to her confessing that she prefers fashion for its artistic element, not functionality. It is not a wonder that she was chosen as the lead role in “House of Gucci” to play Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife. In the song “Fashion,” Gaga says she loves designer clothes, shoes and accessories. She even mentions high-end brands such as Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Jimmy Choo. The singer expresses how fashion can be transformative, saying that she can be anyone depending on the clothes she wears.

6. Versace by Migos

Migos was an unknown group of rappers until Drake helped them make “Versace.” The Canadian rapper was a fan of the trio and added a verse to the song “Versace,” making it worthy of being on Billboard Hot 100 even if it only peaked at No.99. Migos knew the song would put them on the map for all the right reasons thus did not mind splurging $100,000 on the video, and going as far as renting a mansion in Miami. The trio is responsible for creating a new sound of music with “Versace” as other rappers began copying their style.

5. Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky

Rocky once confessed to being obsessed with fashion, saying it is everything in his life. Thus, in this song, he talks about the different brands he loves and how much he would love his woman to have a fashion sense. Interestingly, he chose Rihanna to be his love interest in the video because to him, the musician is a fashion killer. As fate would have it, Rocky got his wish and ended up dating Rihanna and having kids with her.

4. Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani featuring Eve

According to her interview with Billboard, Stefani disliked the idea of having to sing about wishing she were rich yet she was in reality already rich. Still, she knew that Dr. Dre was not one to present a song idea unless he knew it would be a hit. Thus, the singer explained the only way to embrace the song was by envisioning her reality and penning it down. Since Eve also loved their collaboration in “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” she was featured in “Rich Girl.”

3. Low by Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain

In 2003, Nelly the rapper partnered with Ian Kelly and Yomi Martin to launch a female clothing brand, AppleBottoms. In this song, Flo Rida sings about a woman wearing Apple Bottom jeans. He goes ahead to say that she also has boots with fur, baggy sweatpants, and Reeboks with straps. Reebok sneakers have been around for years, and the company still offers high-quality shoes.

2. Made You Look by Meghan Trainor

Trainor disclosed to Billboard that after having her son, Riley, she struggled with self-confidence. The singer still needed another song to complete her album so she reminisced on what made “All About That Bass” popular. Once she realized it was all about making people believe in themselves, “Made You Look” came together. Trainor says she could wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci but even with nothing on, she will still turn heads.

1. Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars

Mars has a poetic way of delivering his songs to his fans, and “Versace on the Floor” captures his unique songwriting skills. Mars’ inspiration came from a party he once attended and noticed a girl who wore a Versace dress. He resolved to pen a song that would encapsulate the feeling that ran through him as soon as he spotted the girl. Versace is a renowned high-end brand but Mars prefers the dress to rest on the floor than stay on the beautiful girl.

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