Every Vocalist on Scary Kids Scaring Kids New Album

Scary Kids Scaring Kids were a pretty monumental band during the so-called scene days of concert-goers of events such as Warped Tour and other tours featuring similar artists such as Attack Attack! and others considered to be screamo style of metalcore that was quickly rising, a genre that heavily featured keyboards and breakdowns. Unfortunately, although the band was popular, they eventually disbanded after a farewell tour in 2010 until getting back together after the unfortunate passing of vocalist Tyson Stevens for a 15th-anniversary tour for “The City Sleeps in Flames”. Now the band has now reunited again for the upcoming release of the new album, “Out of Light” out May 27th on Velocity Records, a sub-label of Rise Records that also happens to be the home for band young and known such as Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Dead American, Eve 6, Thursday, Terror, Secrets, and others. With the new album, as the band doesn’t want to replace the legacy that Tyson Stevens created along with them, have recruited a different vocalist for each track on the new album. Below, we’ve gone into detail on every vocalist on  Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ new album, “Out of Light”, which will be the first album from the band since 2007’s self-titled release.

Nightmare – Spencer Charnas

“Nightmare” was the second single Scary Kids Scaring Kids have released from their upcoming record, “Out of Light” which featured Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas.

The Dark – Noah Sebastian

“The Dark” is one of many songs from the upcoming record that haven’t been released yet as the album doesn’t hit shelves or streaming services until May 27th. The upcoming song will feature Bad Owens vocalist Noah Sebastian, who has been compared to Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes, a band that surprisingly released a song with Ed Sheeran recently.

To the Unknown – Vaines

One of the more surprising guest vocalists, out of every vocalist on Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ new album. “Out of Light” will be the feature of solo artist, Vaines.

Until You Come Back – Matt MacDonald

“Until You Come Back” from the upcoming new Scary Kids Scaring Kids album, Out of Light” will feature a vocalist, Matt MacDonald, of a different genre but was a bit popular around the time Scary Kids Scaring Kids was from Classic Crime and The Vocal Few.

Knock it all Down – LiL Lotus

“Knock it all Down” was one of the more interesting vocalists, out of every vocalist on Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ new album, “Out of Light” due to the inclusion of LiL Lotus, an artist from a newer genre that has made waves across the internet with a combination of rap, emo, and metalcore in the artist’s history. The song that featured LiL Lotus was the first song released from “Out of Light” that was released as a single, setting the path for the rest of the album.

New Morning – Cove Reber

While all of Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ new album, “Out of Light” was a surprise itself, especially with every song holding a different vocalist, one of the expected vocalists to make an appearance was ex-Saosin, and current Dead American vocalist Cove Reber who will make an appearance on “New Morning” when the album launches.

Omens – Spencer Chamberlain

Another surprising and interesting guest vocalist on the new album, full of guest vocalists, came in the form of Underoath vocalist Spencer Chamberlain who will take his place on “Omens”.

Black Hole – Donovan Melero

Yet another interesting and surprise appearance on the upcoming album from Scary Kids Scaring Kids was the reveal of Equal Vision solo artist Donovan Melero.

I Wanna Know – Jesse Cash

While the inclusion of famous metalcore band Underoath was a surprise out of the tracklisting, another surprise was the inclusion of Jesse Cash, who provides clean vocals in melodic metalcore band Erra.

Escape from My Reality – MOD SUN

Possibly the most interesting reveal, but somewhat expected, from the upcoming Scary Kids Scaring Kids album, “Out of Light”, was the reveal that rapper MOD SUN, who provided the role of the drummer on the band’s 2010 farewell tour before he fully embraced his MOD SUN persona.

Endlessly Yours – Tyler Posey and phem

Yet another heavily interesting guest vocalist out of every vocalist on Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ new album was the inclusion of “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey who, with his girlfriend musician phem, will provide vocals on the song “Endlessly Yours”.

For Atlas – Michael Swank

The vocalist of the metalcore band Myka Relocate since 2010, until the eventual hiatus and break up of the band according to a post from Michael Swank, the guest vocalist on “For Atlas”.

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