The 10 Best Natalie Cole Songs of All-Time

Natlie Cole

Natalie Cole was a very talented singer, songwriter, and actress. She died in 2015 after a long battle with hepatitis C. Natalie Cole’s biggest hit came in 1991 when she released “Unforgettable,” a Nat King Cole classic about his love for his late wife. The album Unforgettable, with love, was made up of songs previously sung by Nat King Cole. Natalie’s voice is smooth and soulful, with a bit of an R&B sound. Although she had many great hits, Natalie Cole is best known for her cover of “Unforgettable.” She has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Here we look at the ten best songs by Natalie Cole.

10. 5 Minutes Away (2006)


5 Minutes Away was originally written by Trevor Hurst and Phil Allen. However, it has been said that Natalie Cole changed the lyrics. This song is about a woman who can’t stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend even though she may be with someone else now. It seems that no matter how much time goes by or who she’s dating, she can’t get over her lover from the past. She’s thinking about him 5 minutes away from where she is right now. The song was featured on Natalie Cole’s album called Leavin’.

9. Unforgettable (1991)


The song talks about a man who is in love with the woman he’s married to, and it seems as though he wants to make these memories unforgettable for her. He doesn’t want to take his time with her for granted because “tomorrow may rain.” This song could be seen as a postmortem love song. The first version of this song hit the c7harts back in 1951 and was sung by Gordon. Nat King Cole recorded it as well, but his version didn’t come out until 1956, so he never had a chance to be the first on the billboard charts with this track. Natalie would have her biggest hit with this song, and it would also place her in the number one spot on the charts.

8. Miss You Like Crazy (1989)


This song is about missing someone that you cared for deeply. The lyrics hint towards an on-and-off relationship, and it seems as though the woman in the song misses the man she loves like crazy. She feels like her life is incomplete without him around, and he completes her. This track was released on Natalie Cole’s Good to be Back album. It’s one of her most successful tracks in the UK. The song hit the number five spot on the British Charts in 1990, but it didn’t make it onto Billboard’s Hot 100 charts until 1989.

7. Pink Cadillac (1988)


Pink Cadillac was released in 1988 on Natalie Cole’s album called Good to be Back. Bruce Springsteen and Max Weinberg wrote the song. This is an upbeat tune that seems like it could be about a woman who has left her man because he wanted to own everything she had, even her pink Cadillac. She tells him that she’s leaving, but she’ll always have a pink Cadillac. The song was inspired by the car used in the Clint Eastwood film Dirty Harry, a cop going after a serial killer who likes to go after blonde women.

6. I Live for Your Love (1987)


I Live for Your Love was released as a single in 1987 on Natalie Cole’s album called Everlasting. This song talks about the singer living for the love of her man. It seems as though they can fight and not speak with each other, but she promises that she’ll always be there for him no matter what happens. Although the lyrics are religious, this song is one to dance to. The single spent 22 weeks on the Billboard Charts and eventually hit number 6 on the Hot 100 list in 1988.

5. That I Used to Love (1980)


This song was released on Natalie Cole’s album called I’m Ready Don’t Look Back. Instead of talking about a lover, this song focuses on a weapon. The lyrics tell the story of a once-loved gun but then killing someone. The woman in the song sees her old flame and realizes that he won’t do anything for her or help her. She claims that she won’t be able to love again because “that I used to love is dead.” This song would put Natalie on the top of Billboard Charts for a week, as well as take the number one spot on the R&B singles chart in 1980at

4. Our Love (1978)


This song was released on Natalie Cole’s album called Thankful. The lyrics to the song talk about how a man and a woman are madly in love with each other although they don’t have much money. Both of them believe that everything would be fine for them if their love didn’t shine so bright because they’d both be cold and lonely without it. The song would eventually hit number four on the Billboard Top 10 and reach number one on R&B Charts in 1978.

3. I’ve Got Love on My Mind (1977)


Isaac Hayes and David Porter wrote this song. The lyrics tell the story about a woman in 8uhnnlove with someone, but he doesn’t believe that she’ll ever be able to stay in love with him. He thinks she’s too busy trying to steal other men’s hearts away. The woman wants them to know that they’re jealous of her love life with him and that she made it clear that he is the only one for her. She is looking to keep their relationship strong, even though there are rumors that they’re breaking up.

2. Sophisticated Lady (1976)


Written by Duke Ellington and Irving Mills, this song was originally released in 1932. This is an old classic that made its way back into the hands of Natalie Cole after she had performed it on Soul Train. The lyrics talk about how a woman must not be too sophisticated if she wants to win her man’s heart; he doesn’t want to be with many women. He doesn’t mind if she dresses up, but he wants her to leave her worldliness behind to grow their love.

1. This Will Be (1975)


This Will Be song talks about how the singer wonders what love will be like in the future but knows that everything will work out fine. She believes that it’s fate that their love will flourish and become something great. This song would make Natalie Cole the youngest artist to hit number one on Billboard Charts and top R&B Charts for four weeks in 1975.


Natalie Cole remained one of the biggest musical artists of the 1970s and 1980s. She was known for her ability to reach number one on both R&B Charts and Billboard Top 10, as well as using her voice to bring life to classic songs that had already been released years ago. Natalie would eventually go on tour with her father, Nat King Cole, in the early 1990s. She would continue to record music and perform even after being diagnosed with hepatitis around 2009. Natalie Cole died on December 31, 2015, at the age of 65, while attending a family wedding in Los Angeles.

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