Sensational Psychedelic Rock Band The Lazy Eyes Drop Their New Single

Sensational Psychedelic Rock Band The Lazy Eyes Drop Their New Single

New Australian psychedelic rock band The Lazy Eyes are getting more and more popular these days. Having met each other in high school, the music of the Australian quartet gives a similar vibe to Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, and the likes of those. Anyways, they just released their fifth track “Nobody Taught Me” alongside an aesthetic music video.

The Lazy Eyes’ new single: Nobody Taught Me

The lyrics are about Dave Geraghty’s nostalgia towards his childhood while the music video gives us some beautiful footage. We see the quartet play their instruments, ride their bikes, and sing. Some videos from Geraghty’s childhood also appear in the latest official music video of The Lazy Eyes. Here is Nobody Taught Me.


Frontman Dave Geraghty has written the lyrics for their new single Nobody Taught Me. It is about his memories of his childhood summers, which he spent visiting his grandparents in England. The music also includes his feelings of nostalgia as his friends moved away from the neighborhood all of a sudden. Geraghty elaborates on his feelings about Nobody Taught Me as below.

“When I was younger, I would visit my grandparents who live in England every few years. On this one trip, I became friends with the kids who lived on my grandparents’ street. We would meet up everyday and do things that kids do like run around, have a hit with a tennis ball, play hide and seek, you know. Then the next time I went to England, I was so excited to catch up and play with them again only to find out that they had all left and moved houses. It was pretty sad but I still had a nice trip hanging out with my grandparents.”

“Nobody Taught Me encapsulates the good and the sad times experienced in England from the excitement of playing on that street to the heartbreak of being left alone.”

About The Lazy Eyes

The Lazy Eyes are a psych rock band based in Sydney, Australia with their four members. Their music sounds like Tame Impala but they also indicate that they were inspired by Black Sabbath and King Gizzard, too, which is apparent in different parts of their other songs. They are pretty new to the scene. However, we already hear their footsteps. Many fans are expecting them to be the new sensation of psych rock. The quality of their music indicates that as well, as we can hear from their latest single Nobody Taught Me. The Lazy Eyes seem to agree with the fans, too, as they see themselves of the genre’s new vanguard. They are planning to release their debut album in 2022. You can check out their official website for more music and information about the band.

“Deep in Sydney, Australia’s quaint suburbia lies the nonchalant ‘Lindfield Studios’. A cosy blue house turned creative hub where raging guitars, sombre grand pianos and more bleed from a single room into its cascading bushland. The serenity of the space, albeit unassuming, weaves its way across The Lazy Eyes’ music, who douse the neighbourhood in a psychedelic ooze.

With their first EP, The Lazy Eyes introduced themselves as members of psych rock’s new vanguard – trained musicians and adherents of rock’s golden era, capable of absorbing these influences into new melodies (Cheesy Love Song) and impulse driven riffs (Tangerine) that remain incredibly of our time.”

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