Metallica’s countdown clock finally over and launch a new site

Metallica has launched a new countdown clock and they release a new website for upcoming headline shows.

A few days a the American heavy metal band recently launched a mysterious new site. This metallicaxx.com contains a gray countdown clock. Also, that’s finished to hit zero on October 10th at 12PT. And this “XX” in the website URL will lead some to conclude that it has something to do with the 20th anniversary. But the group has already celebrated and release Metallica’s S&M²: The 20th Anniversary Concert film. In this film having revisited the Grammy-winning S&M live album. Also, these S&M2 performances were captured and will hit movie theaters for a one-night-only screening at 3,000 theaters worldwide on Oct. 9.

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The 10 shows over five festivals are the product of a partnership between Metallica and Danny Wimmer presents and talks about that: “Metallica isn’t just another headliner. When Metallica takes the stage, it’s an event. It’s an experience. I can’t wait to bring the biggest band in the world to the biggest rock festivals in America.”

Now Metallica has announced that they will be headlining five U.S. rock festivals in 2020. Also, playing two sets at each other. Tickets are on sale now for fan club members, and the general public can buy them on October 14 on here. You can also watch the press conference at Metallica’s HQ.

Metallica 2020 headline tour dates:

  • Epicenter (May 1st-3rd) in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Welcome to Rockville (May 8th-10th) in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival (May 15th-17th) in Columbus, Ohio
  • Louder Than Life (September 18th-20th) in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Aftershock (October 9th-11th) in Sacramento, California.

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