HALESTORM’s Lzzy Hale and Josh Smith Reveals Favorite Metallica Song

HALESTORM‘s Lzzy Hale and Josh Smith reveal their favorite Metallica songs. They also say, which album that shaped their perspective of metal.

A few days later, one of the metal and rock magazine’s YouTube channel asked a question to some of the known music band members. This question is “What Is Metallica’s Greatest Song?” and rockers respond that. For example, PANTERA‘s Philip Anselmo, BLACK SABBATH‘s Geezer Butler, Guns N’ Roses‘ Matt Sorum, HALESTORM‘s Lzzy Hale, Motionless in White‘s Chris Motionless, Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale, Spirit Adrift’s Nate Garrett, and more.

During an interview with Revolver, HALESTORM’s Lzzy Hale and Josh Smith answered their favorite METALLICA song:

“Oh man, oh my gosh – what that is the greatest Metallica song ever written? Oh, why must you do this to me? Okay, a nice happy medium. I’m gonna go with METALLICA’s ‘Fade to Black’ because it kind of has the best of both worlds. It’s not necessarily valid. I still like the cover of So what. There’s just so much.

‘Sad But True’ – that’s like just being an anthem right now! ‘Sad But True’! It’s great. Well, I’m the same way – if it wasn’t for the ‘Black Album,’ I wouldn’t have been introduced to Metallica so early on.

Because my take on metal was kind of coming from that. It’s still a song and still whatever it was super-thrashy. Yeah, I did the ‘Black Album’ and then combed back.”

Josh Smith also added:

“‘Master of Puppets’ was a great one too. I’m gonna be the a-hole that says the thing that no one wants to hear – that it was on the ‘Black Album.’ Because, as a fifth-grader hearing, like, really, that was my introduction to Metallica and really most like metal that was it! And ‘Sad But True’ – I was like, ‘Whoa!'”

You can watch the entire video below!

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