PlayStation exclusive game ‘Days Gone’ is coming to PC

Sony has not provided a definite date for ‘Days Gone’ but the game’s PC version will be released this spring! What does the game feature?

For the most part, Sony has released its big custom games completely exclusively for PlayStation consoles until this time. Sony’s exclusive products are the biggest selling points for their consoles. Therefore moving them to other platforms such as the PC could theoretically reduce the number of people buying PlayStation consoles. However, Sony brought Horizon Zero Dawn to PC last year and released the game, which was released exclusively for PlayStation.

What is PlayStation’s exclusive game ‘Days Gone’ synopsis?

Days Gone, released by PS4, is an action and adventure game. The protagonist of the game is Deacon St. John is a bounty hunter and is trying to survive. Almost all of the game consists of zombies that kill people or evolve them. The game takes place in time, within two years of the zombies invading the world. Players will have to deal with challenging missions throughout the story.

There will be many types of weapons in the game. The game, which also includes secret missions, comes with a dynamic day and night cycle.

When is the ‘Days Gone’ release date?

Jim Ryan confirmed that ‘Days Gone’ will arrive on PC in the coming months. There isn’t an official release date but it will be here in Spring. Ryan explained in an interview with GQ that Horizon Zero Dawn sold well on the PC and had no adverse reaction to the PlayStation community’s port. By this, the company’s PlayStation exclusive games will continue to come to the PC. Ryan did not provide any information on which PlayStation exclusive games will switch to PC.

Bend Studio also posted a tweet regarding the news!

There are years between PS4 versions of Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn and PC ports. There’s no denying the value behind PlayStation‘s exclusive games, and that’s why it’s pretty big news for PC gamers.

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