Don’t expect to see the trailer of Mission: Impossible 7 soon

The director of the movie shared an update on the trailer of Mission: Impossible 7 on Twitter, and we should not be waiting for it to be released soon.

Cinephiles have been desperately waiting for a release of a big-budget movie lately, as many big productions have been delayed because of the pandemic. Many highly anticipated movies from which the expectations were high were delayed during this period.

Mission: Impossible 7 is also among those big-budget movies. Although it is set to be released this November 2021, we still do not have a trailer for it. The trailers are normally shared at this time point, but that’s not the case with Tom Cruise’s new movie. Even more surprising, there is not even a trailer for the movie, according to the director.

Mission: Impossible 7 trailer isn’t coming soon

When a fan asked McQuarrie, the director of Mission: Impossible 7, about the trailer, he revealed that there is not even a trailer made for the new Mission: Impossible movie. You can see their interaction below.

When will Mission: Impossible 7 release?

“I promise to tell you the minute I see one myself”, the movie’s director Christopher McQuarrie said, answering a fan who asked him to “drop the trailer already”.

With that being said, we can safely infer that there is still not a trailer for the new Mission: Impossible movie. It’s definitely not for certain that the filming is finished as well, raising questions about a possible delay. There is not any information on that, but the possibility is still on the table, it seems. The release date for the movie is November 19th now. We will have to wait and see if anything goes south and fans will have to wait longer.

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