The Real Reason Why Lexxi Foxx is No Longer in Steel Panther

Steel Panther

Bands come and bands go. Players play, and then they don’t. For most, the split up happens due to some instability, issue, or whatever other inept reason. Another beloved band has fallen into the mold, but it’s not for any negative thing. L.A.-based American rock band Steel Panther recently said goodbye to long-time member and bassist Lexxi Foxx. Foxx has left the building, but it seems to be in pursuit of a higher calling than rock and roll. After 21 years as a member of Steel Panther, this is the real story behind why Lexxi Foxx is no longer part of the group.

Steel Panther run

Rewind time to the days of crazy hair, eyeliner, and tattooed pretty boys getting metal heavy on stage. It certainly could’ve been the 80s, but it wasn’t that long ago. Steel Panther epitomized glam rock—and modernized it to fit the new era. Lexxi Foxx, along with his former bandmates, headbanged their way from the small stage in 2000 to mainstream madness today. The group started off as Metal Shop during their first 3 years together and transitioned into other band names before settling with Steel Panther in 2008. Along with the band’s name change also came an update from staging covers as a tribute band to doing originals and some metal parody songs. By the time the group released their first album in 2009, Steel Panther already had a solid following and Lexxi Foxx was essential to that success.

Who is Lexxi Foxx

Born Travis Haley in Los Angeles, California on July 14, 1984, Lexxi Foxx was Steel Panther’s bassist since the beginning. That means the 37 year old had been rocking with the group since he was only 16 years old. It’s the kind of dynamic and solidity the group had—also one reason why it came as a shock to their fans that Lexxi Foxx was parting ways. The talented and charismatic bassist have contributed years of music and comedy, and he’s one that will be difficult to replace. Although his persona onstage is highly glamorous and electric, Foxx’s private life as Travis Haley is as normal and modest as could be. As is often the case, the alter ego is nothing like the true person. Either way, he’s likeable whether he’s dressed as Lexxi Foxx or simply as Travis Haley. Parting ways is bad news, but the good news is this: Lexxi Foxx did not leave Steel Panther due to bad circumstances. In fact it’s quite the opposite. And much like everything else that’s happened in the last year and a half, we can point a finger to the ongoing pandemic as culpable—in somewhat of a good way.

The end of an era

That’s exactly how Steel Panther described Lexxi Foxx’s departure as: the end of an era. 21 years is surely a long time for anything, which became increasingly glaring for Foxx as the quarantine went on and on for the majority of 2020. During the lockdown, the former bassist did whatever innovation he could to financially get by. He started his own creative side business to help with the expense of Botox treatments. Lexxi Foxx called the gig, “Sexy Lexxi’s Prettiest Pets.” What began as a hobby and side hustle turned out to be more for the musician. Much like many affected by the pandemic, Foxx found a passion—something he was good at and enjoyed at the same time. Although he thrived on keeping his looks fresh and appealing, he discovered that his desire to make pets attractive was even greater. His is a true inspirational story of finding what you love and doing whatever you can to pursue it.

Foxx and his dogs

Lexxi Foxx does not have any problems making himself look gorgeous, and he hopes to use this talent for his newfound endeavor: to make less appealing pets look their prettiest. It’s possibly one of the most unique ideas we’ve heard borne out of quarantine. Details on how Foxx will run his latest project are still under development, but we can certainly imagine how it would be like. Knowing Foxx and his personality onstage, we’d imagine this project to be extremely fun, funny, and maybe even a little over the top. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind excellent experience for various pets and their owners. Foxx is not lacking in creativity and talent, and it would be interesting to see that translated in an entirely different industry. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing dogs with eyeliners and rocking hairstyles soon enough. It’s just the kind of idea that could really catch on. Because of Lexxi Foxx being who he is, this upcoming passion project can even expand further into television. Lexxi Foxx will be terribly missed by fans worldwide, but his bandmates are the ones who will miss him the most. Steel Panther wishes Lexxi Foxx nothing but success in his new pursuit on the band’s website—a bittersweet note to commemorate the future for both the band and its former member.

Steel Panther’s future

The band will surely rock on. While Steel Panther may have lost one of its founding members, it’s not the end of the line for the band and their music. Steel Panther is continuing on with their upcoming global tour that will commence in North America in the beginning of September 2021. The band will visit New Zealand and Australia along the way before closing the tour the beginning of next year in Galveston, Texas. There are no current news as to who will be replacing Lexxi Foxx as of now, but the vibe from the group seems to be the usual: humorous and slightly satirical. Whether Steel Panther works without Lexxi Foxx is a matter only the future can resolve.

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