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The very idea of being addicted to something is frightening, yet many people find it impossible to get out from under the clutches of addiction without extensive help.

There is no doubt about it, music is a powerful tool. It’s so powerful that some rehabilitation centers have taken to recommending certain music for those individuals who are struggling in the throes of addiction. While there is no doubt that many people will find some of these songs more helpful than others, it is often some form of comfort that such list even exists.

For anyone who wants to create a playlist of their own, here are 10 songs about addiction and rehab that might be helpful. Even for those who aren’t going through rehab, these songs are truly masterful and worth a listen.

10. The “A” Team (Ed Sheeran)

This song tells the story of addiction and even though the people in the song might be fictional characters, it is one that is easily transferable to real life. The main person in the story is a young woman who has become so enslaved by her addiction that she will do anything in order to get the money she needs to get her next fix, even to the point of prostituting herself.

The lyrics talk about spending nights in a car because she doesn’t have a place to live as well as about living a life of solitude where the only thing that matters is that next hit.

The lyrics are even more poignant when you go back and listen to some interviews that have been conducted by Sheeran himself, who performs the song. He has admitted on a number of occasions that it’s tempting to become a victim of drug and alcohol addiction, especially in an industry where it’s so readily available.

9. Gravity (A Perfect Circle)

It’s highly unlikely that anyone ever sets out with the intention of becoming a drug or alcohol addict. Instead, it’s something that happens because someone tried something once or twice and ended up getting sucked into it until they had no control over their situation. This is a song that perfectly describes that situation, talking about the gravity that addiction has on person. It also talks about different reasons to go to rehab in order to reclaim one’s life.

8. Recovery (James Arthur)

Here you have a song written about the benefits of going through rehab by an individual who readily admits that he was heavily addicted to drugs before entering rehab himself. The song basically serves as a before and after of his life, talking about how his drug addiction controlled every aspect of his life before entering rehab. After the fact, he writes about being present in the moment and about how his career has enjoyed a resurgence since he became clean and sober.

7. How Could You Leave Us (NF)

This is a truly heartbreaking song in its own right. It talks about a mother who is addicted to pills and not getting the help she needs, effectively highlighting the importance of finding a good rehab program sooner rather than later. The thing that makes it truly heartbreaking is the fact that the individual who wrote it is actually writing about his own real-life mother.

Unfortunately, she never found the help she needed and ended up dying from an overdose. His song goes on to describe not only the pain of dealing with the addiction at the moment but of her death and dealing with this never-ending pain that he is now forced to face on a daily basis without any resolution. In that sense, he highlights how important it is to find a good rehab program and stick with it as opposed to allowing addiction to take you from the people who love you the most.

6. Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park)

Here you have another song that highlights the importance of getting help. It was performed by the lead singer of the group, Chester Bennington. Sadly, he had admitted to being addicted to various substances for the majority of his life, a battle which he lost in 2017.

The lyrics of the song talk about locking oneself in a room in an attempt to get clean from drugs without proper help. The lyrics in the song highlight why it’s so important that anyone who is suffering from an addiction enter a bonafide rehab facility as opposed to trying to deal with the problem on their own.

5. Sober (Pink)

The performer herself battled with addiction in her younger years. Eventually, she went to rehab and has been clean ever since. The lyrics in this song talk about her battle and why she made the decision to enter rehab. However, they also talk about how she is now the happiest she’s ever been, giving hope to those individuals who wonder what life will be like on the other side of a rehab program.

4. Hate Me (Blue October)

Here you have a song that highlights the many personal reasons a person can potentially benefit from going to rehab. More specifically, the song talks about how addiction damages everything in a person’s life, from their personal relationships to their ability to hold down a job. Eventually, everything begins to spiral out of control until it all implodes. Going to rehab can prevent things from going from bad to worse, ultimately giving the person their life back. This song emphasizes all of these things in a very poignant manner.

3. Amazing (Aerosmith)

This particular song is a little more subjective, but many people easily associate it with hitting the lowest of lows when it comes to addiction. At the same time, the lyrics in the song also talk about having someone else that cares enough about this particular individual to refuse to leave them in that place, eventually forcing them to seek help.

2. Rehab (Amy Winehouse)

Most people that are even casual fans of Winehouse’s music know that she herself succumbed to alcohol addiction in 2011. When you listen to this song talking about her rather negative views of going to rehab, it’s actually frightening. She talks about not having the time to go and how neither she nor her family believe that she has a real problem. It wasn’t terribly long after this song that she passed away from alcohol poisoning. As such, it serves as a stark reminder of why rehab is so important.

1. Mr. Brownstone (Guns N’ Roses)

This song was popular when it was released several years ago and has even made a recent resurgence in popularity, thanks in large part to being used as part of the soundtrack for a popular Apple + limited series, “Blackbird.” The song itself talks about the dangers of addiction as the body builds up a tolerance to it.

More specifically, the lyrics talk about starting out with just a small amount and then very quickly adapting so much that you need more and more in order to get that same high. The lyrics go on to talk about how this person’s life completely spirals out of control until getting high is the only thing that matters.

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