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Famous Frontman Reveals Why He Declined to Join METALLICA

ARMORED SAINT frontman reveals why he declined to join the METALLICA band. John Bush said that he rejected an offer to join the thrash metal legends in the early 80s.

John Bush who also singer and former ANTHRAX frontman talks about turning down an invitation to vocal for thrash metal legends. In the early years of 80s, he and the band touring with METALLICA and W.A.S.P. on this days.

Sound of White Noise is the ANTHRAX album and they balancing life, family, and career. Also, singing with thrash metal band at the 30th anniversary shows.

In a recent interview with Scott Mellinger’s radio program Speak N’ Destroy, John Bush also talked about why he refusing to join METALLICA band:

“What happened was – I think W.A.S.P. and Metallica, the theory was that they were going to flip, maybe like halfway through they were gonna flip it. I don’t remember, I don’t think it was like every other show, I just don’t remember that, but I feel like in the beginning, W.A.S.P. – this part I may be getting wrong – but I feel like W.A.S.P. was last on the East Coast. And following Metallica at that point – no disrespect to W.A.S.P. at all because they were really entertaining and fun – but just following Metallica I would just not advise to anyone.

It’s just not a good place to go, and that was the case for them. We came out and we did our thing, we were the less popular of the three, of course, at that time. And Metallica was just firing on all cylinders and they were amazing. And W.A.S.P. had to come out after both of those bands – including Metallica – and I just thought that was a difficult place.

At some point, I think they flipped it and Metallica ended up going last, which was probably the wiser choice. When we got to Texas, W.A.S.P. dropped off the bill, I don’t remember why – I really don’t recall the details as to why they didn’t play. I don’t know what it was, I don’t remember it being a negative thing per see.

They came out for like a couple of shows, and the first one was San Diego, that was the day before the Palladium show, it was crazy. The barricade broke when we were performing.”

Then he added main reason:

“That was definitely not my destiny, to be the singer of Metallica. I mean, I would’ve literally changed heavy metal, because I was not meant to be that person. It was meant to be James with his voice doing that. Sure, it could’ve been some form of success, it probably would’ve been because they were destined for something, but it would’ve been different.

To what degree, who knows? I never really thought about it, I just have to laugh. ‘Here we go again, let’s talk about it.’ But it kind of seems to fit well with just my life in some weird way.”

Watch the 30th-anniversary show below! You can also order ARMORED SAINT’s latest album “Punching the Sky” on here.

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