The 10 Best Chevelle Songs of All-Time


Chevelle have been one of the most consistent American rock bands over the last two decades, managing to release a new album every three years. The band has managed to keep things in the family since 1995, when two brothers formed the band. The band was originally composed of three Loeffler brothers, namely Pete, Sam, and Joe Loeffler. Despite Joe leaving the band in 1996, he was replaced by another family member in the name of Dean Bernadini, who was Pete and Sam’s brother-in-law. With a relentless touring schedule that has seen the band fill different touring venues, the band has released numerous hits and are the subject of our latest article on the top ten songs. Read on and discover the top ten Chevelle songs of all time.

10. Self Destructor


Coming in at number ten is the song, “Self Destructor” which was the band’s sixth song to top the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. The aggressive song, which was written in 2019 and released in 2020, talks about science deniers. In the song, Pete Loeffler’s vocals sound as cool as ever and the band manages to keep their style fresh, yet familiar. “Self Destructor” is the lead single from the band’s 2021 album, Niratius.

9. Sleep Apnea


“Sleep Apnea” is a big tune from the band’s 1009 album, Sci-Fi Crimes. The song opens with some incredible guitar riffs that will pull you right into the song. The song displays the band’s incredible artwork and the lyrics behind this song are just awesome. Like most of the other tracks in the album, “Sleep Apnea” is a great song that is up there among my personal favorites.

8. I Get It


Chevelles’ 2007 album, Vena Sera was a great display of the band’s punchy sound, combined with meaningful lyrics and without any experimental touches. “I Get It” is the second single from the album. The song contains lyrics that motivate people who are afraid of chasing their dreams. The video of the song was the first not to feature the band in the video since “Mia” in 1999.

7. Take Out the Gunman


“Take Out the Gunman” was released in 2014 as the lead single to the band’s seventh studio album, La Gargola. “Take Out the Gunman” is a song that has the ability to match the greatness of the band’s most iconic songs. The more you listen to this song, the more you realize how much of a classic it is. Pete Loeffler and the band take a different sound and style in this song, with Pete going for a slinky delivery with the intensity that we have come to associate with the band.

6. Well Enough Alone


It’s incredible how Chevelle manages to keep a serious mood in their music and at the same time, keep it uplifting, euphoric, and unique. The song opens up with a scream from Pete that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard in rock music. As the song continues, Pete’s vocals prowess becomes more evident.

5. Face to the Floor


Coming in at number five is the song “Face to the Floor,” which is the first song from Chevelle’s 2011 album, Hats Off to the Bull. The angry song tells a tale of people who were lured into the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, which was considered the biggest Ponzi scheme in history at the time. The track remains the band’s last Top Ten single on the Alternative Songs chart. The heavy song contained some fantastic guitar riffs and was rated 80 out of 100 by Billboard, who called it an incredible four minutes of cathartic alt-metal, which we have come to associate Chevelle with.

4. The Clincher


It’s impossible to ignore “The Clincher” on any list of the best Chevelle songs of all time. “The Clincher” is a song that talks about people’s fear of confined spaces and the fear of being buried alive. Despite Sam Loeffler coming clear about the son’s lyrics, many people still misinterpret them as being the band’s views on Jesus’s crucifixion due to lyrics such as “helped to nail down.” It doesn’t matter how you interpret the lyrics though, this song is massive.

3. Send the Pain Below


Have you come to realize that Chevelle’s music is quite heavy, yet you never hear any screaming or particularly fast melodies? Well, I tend to think that guitar tuning makes their songs sound so heavy especially when you listen to this track. “Send the Pain Below” is arguably one of Chevelle’s most melodic songs ever. It is also one of their biggest hits, peaking at number one on the Modern Rock Tracks chart in 2003. The song has an exciting music video with a story that revolves around a snowboarder who is striving to be great. The song is featured in the Nintendo game Donkey Konga 2.

2. Vitamin R


The use of prescription drugs to deal with personal problems rather than channeling our willpower is something that has been common. In this song, the band mainly addresses the use of Ritalin, which had become so common among youth in the US. Pete got the inspiration to write this song after one of his friends suffered from misuse of the drug after a misdiagnosis of ADHD. Dynamics are quite crucial in music, and Chevelle got it right in this song whose gears shift into a pounding anthem in the chorus, right from the quiet bridges.

1. The Red


Taking the top spot on our list of the top ten Chevelle songs is the lead single from the band’s debut album, Wonder What’s Next. The song’s lyrics talk about dealing with anger and frustration, with the song’s video featuring Pete Loeffler taking to the stage and singing the song’s verses in what seems like an anger management seminar. The song was used as the intro for Geoff Blum when he came to bat and was also used by WWE during Kane’s induction into the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame.

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