Ranking All The Songs from The Inception Soundtrack


Inception is a film released in 2010 and directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan himself wrote the film, and he and Emma Thomas produced it. The cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film’s release date was July 8th in the United Kingdom and July 16th in the United States. Inception is a science fiction action movie that has been met with critical acclaim. Now, when it comes to the soundtrack for Inception, there are a lot of great songs on it. Below is a ranking of all the songs from Inception:

12. Time – Hans Zimmer (2010)


This is a song that plays during the credits of Inception. It’s a beautiful piano piece that fits the end of the film. The music is relaxing, allowing the viewer to reflect on what they just watched. Time is a great track to close out the soundtrack.

11. Paradox – Hans Zimmer (2010)


Paradox is the final track on the Inception Soundtrack, and it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. It is also one of the most unique, as it does not feature any lyrics. The song is simply a hauntingly beautiful instrumental that perfectly captures the feeling of the film. It is used in the film’s final scene, where Cobb and his children are reunited.

10. Waiting for a Train – Hans Zimmer (2010)


Waiting for a Train is the tenth track from the 2010 album Inception: Music from the Motion Picture, composed by Hans Zimmer. The track features vocals by Lisa Gerrard. The song is about Cobb’s desire to return home to his children and the fear of never being able to see them again. Waiting for a Train was met with positive reviews from music critics. James Christopher Monger of AllMusic described the song as “gorgeous” and “haunting,” while IGN’s Spence Abbott praised it for its “emotional impact.”

9. Dream Within a Dream – Hans Zimmer (2010)


“Dream Within a Dream” is one of the best songs from the Inception soundtrack. Zimmer’s music perfectly captures the film’s dreamlike quality and themes of memory, loss, and regret. The song is haunting and beautiful, with a feeling of sadness and nostalgia. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the film’s emotionally powerful scenes. The music video for “Dream Within a Dream” is just as atmospheric as the song itself. It features footage from the film, interspersed with shots of Zimmer conducting an orchestra.

8. One Simple Idea – Hans Zimmer (2010)


One Simple Idea is one of the most popular songs from the Inception soundtrack. It was composed by Hans Zimmer, who also made the music for The Dark Knight and Interstellar. The song is used in the scene where Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) teaches Ariadne (Ellen Page) how to make a maze in the dream world. One Simple Idea is a beautiful and haunting song that perfectly captures the feeling of the movie. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular songs from the Inception soundtrack.

7. Mombasa – Hans Zimmer (2010)


This haunting track from the Inception soundtrack features a mix of electronic and orchestral elements, with a repeating motif on strings that is both ominous and beautiful. The track creates a feeling of unease and wonder and is perfect for accompanying scenes of suspense or mystery.

6. 528491 – Hans Zimmer (2010)


The sixth track on the Inception soundtrack is 528491, composed by Hans Zimmer. The song is dark and brooding, with a tense feeling of unease and anxiety running throughout. It perfectly matches the film’s scenes of characters walking through dark, foreboding dreamscapes and creates a tense, spooky atmosphere. The song’s title references the track number on the vinyl record that Zimmer used to develop the original demo. 528491 is also the telephone number of Zimmer’s studio, Remote Control Productions.

5. Old Souls – Hans Zimmer (2010)


The fifth track from the Inception soundtrack is “Old Souls” by Hans Zimmer. This song plays during a scene in the film where Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Saito (Ken Watanabe) discuss the concept of an “old soul.” Zimmer’s music is often described as “epic” and “powerful,” and this song is no exception. The orchestral instruments create a feeling of grandeur, while the slow, deliberate pace of the music reflects the conversation taking place on the screen.

4. Radical Notion – Hans Zimmer (2010)


The fourth song on the Inception soundtrack is “Radical Notion” by Hans Zimmer. This song plays during a heist scene in the movie when the characters are trying to break into a safe. The song has a tense and suspenseful feeling to it, which matches the scene’s mood. It’s a relatively short song, but it’s very effective in creating a sense of dread and excitement.

3. Dream Is Collapsing – Hans Zimmer (2010)


The Dream is Collapsing” is the fifth track on the soundtrack album. The track is 2 minutes and 48 seconds long. Hans Zimmer wrote the song. The track is played during the scene where Arthur (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team try to extract information from Saito (Ken Watanabe). The track features a mix of electronic and orchestral instrumentation. The track starts with a slow, building electronic pulse joined by strings and horns. The track then transitions into a fast-paced section with Zimmer’s trademark string ostinato. The track then transitions back to the slower, building section. The track ends with a final build-up and transition to the next track.

2. We Built Our Own World – Hans Zimmer (2010)


We Built Our Own World is the second track from Hans Zimmer’s Inception OST. This song plays during the scene where Cobb, Arthur, and Ariadne travel through the first level of the dream, where they find a city under construction. The song is an electronic/orchestral track that features a lot of percussions and electronic effects. It has a speedy tempo and is relatively energetic.

1. Half Remembered Dream – Hans Zimmer (2010)


The first track on the Inception soundtrack is “Half Remembered Dream.” The song was composed by Hans Zimmer, and it perfectly sets the tone for the film. The track is ethereal and haunting, with a feeling of unease and dread perfectly for a movie about dreams and the subconscious.


The Inception soundtrack is one of the most unique and exciting soundtracks. It perfectly captures the feeling of the film, and each track is expertly crafted to set the tone for the scene it accompanies. If you’re a fan of the film or good music in general, the Inception soundtrack is a must-listen.

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