The 10 Best Steven Curtis Chapman Songs of All Time

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is a Christian Rock singer and songwriter born on November 21, 1962. The singer started his career in gospel music in the 1980s. Thanks to his 25 albums, he has won up to five Grammy awards and more than 50 Gospel Music Dove Awards, making him one of the most successful gospel musicians. He also has 10 RIAA gold and platinum certificates from his albums. Here are the ten best Steven Curtis Chapman Songs of all time

10. Live Out Loud” feat. Geoff Moore


According to Top Christian Hits, “Live Out Loud” is a track from Steven Chapman. He performed the song’s tour in Lakeland, Fla and one of the attendees was J Man. If you’ve ever attended or watched Chapman’s tours, you will understand his caliber of excellence as he aims to accomplish rises with every new tour. He’s a man who’s not afraid to live boldly with a passion that oozes and proclaims the redemptive work of the grace of God. If you’re Steven Chapman’s biggest fan, this is your jam.

9. Go There with You


“And I will give myself to the love the way love gave itself for me.” These are powerful lyrics from the track “Go There with You” by Steven Curtis. The artist talks about God’s love upon him, and he’s not afraid to reciprocate the same to those around him. Sometimes, it takes more than being nice to impact your community. Sharing the Lord’s love is what makes you uniquely endearing. Listen to this track to kickstart your day.

8. His Strength is Perfect


If there’s anyone who knows how to describe the love and mercies God provides, then it has to be Steven Chapman. According to MRT, at the beginning of his song, “His Strength is Perfect,” he describes God as his source of strength. He says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” He says that he sometimes wonders what Christ can do through him. This shows that he doesn’t take the strength that the Lord gives him for granted. Instead, he intends to show others that God is merciful and loving enough to minister the gospel through him. Listen to this song whenever you’re facing any challenges in life.

7. Yours


“Yours” is another song released by Steven Curtis and written by Jonas Myris. The fourth track on the 2007 studio album “This Moment.” We ranked this song seven because it received a positive reception from critics. The singer performed this song on his concert tours, and its radio version has featured on many compilation albums, peaking top ten on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs and Hot Christian AC charts. It is no surprise that it was at the top of the Radio and Records Soft AC/INSPO chart. It is no wonder it became his 45th career number-one single. Listen to this song to set you in the mood to worship God.

6. All Things New


“All Things New” is one of the tracks in Steven Chapman’s album bearing the same title. The song is the epitome of how good things happen whenever you have a fresh start. Think of the time you hit rock bottom and had no one to turn to. It doesn’t help to indulge in dangerous behavior when God is by your side. This track can help you get a fresh start to experience the greatness God has bestowed upon you. It is a good tune when you want to start on a new slate.

5. More to This Life


“More To This Life” is also one of the tracks featured on the album bearing the same title. It talks of everyday challenges people go through as they navigate life. Sometimes, all it takes is to find someone or something that resonates with your inner self, hence the concept “More to This Life.” We believe that Steven Chapman was talking to people who’re feeling confused and can’t wrap their fingers around what life brings to the table. Listen to this song to discover more about this life.

4. Glorious Unfolding


Upon listening to Chapman’s 15th studio album, you will discover a track called “Glorious Unfolding. He released it on September 27, 2013. If you’ve experienced the joy and wonders God offers, you will understand the reason behind the powerful lyrics in this song. The song also bears the same title as the album it features in. The song best suits when you want to appreciate the glorious unfolding God brings upon you.

3. Cinderella


In the album “This Moment,” you will find Chapman’s “Cinderella.” The story behind this song is a childhood fairytale of a girl trying to navigate life in the hands of her wicked stepmother and half-sisters. If you listen to this song closely, you will notice that it doesn’t dwell on the proverbial fairytale alone. Instead, it depicts the challenges underprivileged people face in the hands of the privileged. Listen to this song when stuck in traffic.

2. The Great Adventure


We ranked “The Great Adventure” second because it is one of Steven Chapman’s biggest sellers. The song is number five on the album bearing a similar title. Upon watching the video, you see Chapman taking you out on tour to experience a great adventure. The motive of this song is to let you marvel at God’s wonderful creations. Listen to this song when on a long road trip.

1. Lord of the Dance/ No Better Place


“Lord of the Dance” is number one on this list because of the powerful lyrics it oozes. In the song, Chapmans says, “On the banks of the Tennesse River in a small Kentucky town, I drew my first breath one cold November,” according to ALLMUSIC. It’s like Chapman wants us to believe that God has spearheaded his music success despite the fierce competition he faces every day. You can listen to this song to experience the wonders that God does each day.


Steven Chapman’s songs are fantastic. You can tell that the singer is talented, considering the number of years in the industry. If you don’t find these songs worth listening to, then you will have a daunting time finding the right ones.

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