The 10 Best Billy Ray Cyrus Songs of All-Time

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is a singer, songwriter, and actor who began his career in 1989. He is known for his country music, and he is one of the most successful country artists of all time. His debut album ‘Some Gave All’ was certified 9x multi-Platinum, and it spent 17 consecutive weeks at number one on the album charts, making it the top-ranking debut album by a male country music artist. Furthermore, it was in the top ten for 43 weeks, which is the second-longest a country album has ever remained in the top 10. During his career, Billy Ray Cyrus has released 16 studio albums, ten compilation albums, 46 music videos, one EP, and 53 singles. Here are the 10 best Billy Ray Cyrus songs of all time.

10. It’s All the Same to Me (1997)


In 1997, ‘It’s All the Same to Me’ reached number 19 on the country charts. It is the only original single released from the album ‘The Best of Billy Ray Cyrus: Cover to Cover.’ The song was written by Jerry Laseter and Kurt Phillips.

9. You Won’t Be Lonely Now (2000)


You Won’t Be Lonely Now’ is the lead single from the 2000 album ‘Southern Rain,’ and it reached number 17 on the country charts. This power ballad was written by Brett James and John Bettis, and Jim Shea directed the accompanying music video. It was Cyrus’s last top 40 hit until he released ‘Ready, Steady, Don’t Go’ in 2007.

8. Words by Heart (1994)


Music VF lists ‘Words by Heart’ as one of the best Billy Ray Cyrus songs. It is about a man rediscovering a break-up letter in his jacket pocket, and reading it brings back memories of how he felt about his first love. The song was written by Jim Cotton and Joe Scaife. This track was the third single released by Cyrus on the album ‘It Won’t Be the Last.’ It reached number 12 on the country charts.

7. Somebody New (1993)


‘Somebody New’ was co-written by Alex Harvey and Mike Curtis. The song was recorded by Cyrus in 1993 and is featured on his album ‘It Won’t Be the Last.’ It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks but only reached number 14 in Canada. Although it is not in the top five most commercially successful Billy Ray Cyrus songs, it remains one of his most popular songs.

6. She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore (1993)


‘She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore’ was the penultimate track that Cyrus released from his debut album. It was a bigger success in Canada, where it peaked at number three on the country charts, while it only reached number six on the US country charts. Billy Ray Cyrus co-wrote this song with Buddy Cannon and Terry Shelton.

5. Ready, Set, Don’t Go (2007)


When Billy Ray Cyrus released ‘Ready, Steady, Don’t Go’ in 2007, he had not had a top 40 single since ‘You Won’t Be Lonely Now’ in 2000. It reached number four on the country charts, and Cyrus has not had a top ten hit since. ‘Ready, Steady, Don’t Go’ featured the singer’s daughter, Miley Cyrus, and it was on the album ‘Home at Last.’ It also appeared on Miley Cyrus’ debut album, ‘Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.’ Billy Ray Cyrus co-wrote the song with Casey Beathard several years before its release, and Miley Cyrus used it for her audition for the Disney Channel Original Series ‘Hannah Montana.’

4. Busy Man (1998)


Prior to the release of ‘Busy Man’ in 1998, Billy Ray Cyrus had not had a top ten hit since ‘Somebody New’ in 1993. He broke back into the top of the charts with this song, which reached number three on the country charts. The track was written by Bob Regan and George Teren, and it is a mid-tempo song about a man with a busy life who focuses on work but decides to make time to focus on his family. ‘Busy Man’ was the second single from the album ‘Shot of Love.’

3. In the Heart of a Woman (1993)


‘In the Heart of a Woman’ was Cyrus’s second country chart-topping hit in Canada, although the song only reached number three on the country charts in the United States. It was the lead single from Billy Ray Cyrus’s second studio album, ‘It Won’t Be the Last.’

2. Could’ve Been Me (1992)


The second single released from Cyrus’s debut album was ‘Could’ve Been Me,’ and it was also the second-highest charting single of his career. It peaked at number two on the country charts in the United States and topped the Canadian country charts. It was written by Monty Powell and Reed Nielsen, and it is about a man finding out his former lover is marrying someone else.

1. Achy Breaky Heart (1992)


Billy Ray Cyrus’s first single is also his best, and The Boot describes it as a megahit that revived the line dancing craze. Not only did this single top the country charts in the United States, but it also reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, the song topped the Canadian country chart and the charts in Australia and New Zealand. It was also the first country music single to go Platinum since Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton released ‘Islands in the Stream.’ ‘Achy, Breaky Heart’ was the lead single from Cyrus’s debut album ‘Some Gave All.’

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