The 10 Best Bazzi Songs of All-Time


What do you know about Bazzi? The hit singer came to light in 2018 when he released his first single ‘Mine.’ It all began from social media to become an internet meme and to the world. His songs are to die for and have become a sensation since then. You know the songs you listen to and linger in your mind all day? Bazzi is an instrumentalist too, where he started playing guitar at a young age. Keep reading to learn more about Bazzi and some of his best songs.

Who is Bazzi?

Bazzi, or Andrew Bazzi, is an American singer from Michigan of Lebanese origin, born on August 28, 1997. During his childhood, Bazzi used to play guitar, oud, and kazoo. He later moved to Los Angeles to grow his musical career. Bazzi’s music journey began on a social media platform known as Vine and proceeded to a youtube channel after the platform collapsed. According to, before producing his music, he wrote and produced various songs for many K-pop artists, such as Taeyeon and Exo. Bazzi became popular after the release of his first song, Mine. In addition, the songwriter and vocalist has toured with Camila Cabello and Justin Timberlake. In 2018, they did a collaboration on ‘Beautiful’ with Camila Cabello. According to his social media pages, Bazzi draws his inspiration for music from Michael Jackson and Prince, whom he calls legends.

What are the most popular Bazzi songs?

Since the release of Mine, Bazzi has produced other songs, which all have become hits. Here we look at his 10 best songs of all-time.

10. Soaring

Soaring recorded on the Cosmic album by Bazzi was released on September 2017. It was the second song on the Cosmic album. The song describes young and teenage love, how exciting and reckless it can be, yet enjoyable.

9. Honest

Honest is the seventh track on Bazzi’s Cosmic album, released on March 2018. The song describes the singer’s vulnerability and emotions after a love betrayal.

8. 3:15

Bazzi recorded 3:15 as his sixth track in the Cosmic album. The song came out in April 2018, and the music video was released in February 2019. The songwriter wrote the song to express his love for another girl while still in a relationship and later regrets his actions that happened at 3:15 AM.

7. Why

‘Why’ is a song by Bazzi, recorded fifth on his Cosmic album. It was released on January 2018. Bazzi writes why to question his lover why she still loves him, despite him wronging her countless times.

6. Myself

It is a track in the Cosmic album released on April 2018. In this song, Bazzi tells of his experiences with fake friends on his career journey. He continues to say that he would rather be alone than be in unauthentic friendships.

5. Fantasy

Fantasy is a song in the Cosmic album by Bazzi. The song was released on April 2018 and recorded under the Atlantic Records label. The singer writes the song to assure his lover he can make anything possible for her.

4. Paradise

According to MTV, the song and the music video were released in April 2019. Paradise is the lead single from the album Soul Searching. It reached the top 40 in Norway and the top 50 in Australia.

Bazzi uses the word paradise to describe the perfect moments we dream of or imagine and does not necessarily mean a specific place. According to the singer, paradise is a feeling you can find anywhere.

3. I.f.l.y.

I.F.L.Y., also meaning I fucking love you, was the third song released by Bazzi in July 2019. The song is part of the mixtape Soul Searching. It reached the top 50 in New Zealand and Australia.

Bazzi wrote the song while dating Renee Herbert, an Australian supermodel, as a love confession to her.

2. Beautiful

The song was digitally released on July 2, 2017, and was featured on the album Cosmic in April 2018. Later Bazzi collaborated with Camila Cabello and produced a remix of Beautiful in August 2018. The collabo became a big sellout, gaining number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100, 35 in Canada, and 33 in the U.K. Beautiful also became a hit in Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, and Lebanon. The song is about love and desire, where the songwriter appreciates the beauty of his lover. He finds her perfect with all her imperfections.

1. Mine

Mine was the first Bazzi song, released in October 2017 and launched in 2018. The song hit a record in different countries, including the U.S.A., where it became number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 and later topped number 11. The song continued to gain popularity after it charted in other countries, attaining platinum certification in Australia, Sweden, Canada, and New Zealand. Mine was later featured on Bazzi’s album Cosmic, released on April 2018. Bazzi wrote this song to describe his obsession with a girl. Bazzi is an award-winning musician and the best new artist on the rise in 2018. In 2019, he was awarded the top new artist winner by the Billboard Music Awards and received the award-winning song for ‘Mine.’ People love his music for its authenticity in telling his life story.

Which are Bazzi’s biggest song?

Mine is Bazzi’s most hit song that made him known to the world. It became famous on the internet through videos on Snapchat and TikTok. The song later reached the Billboard Hot 100. Mine have had over 195 million views on YouTube and over 100 million streams. The musician explained during an interview that once you start listening to the song, you want to do it to the end. The beautiful version with Camila Cabello also became the most popular Bazzi song.

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