Metallica band bassist Robert Trujillo reveals WorldWired doodles

Metallica band bassist Robert Trujillo reveals WorldWired doodles. They played with Kirk Hammett and created their doodles together in the WorldWired tour.

A few days ago on on ‘Drinks With Johnny‘, the Internet TV show also hosted by Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ. In his new episode there’s another known Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo joined the show. Metallica‘s concert always going to be different and take long the other music band’s show. Their WorldWired tour shows us again at each concert, Trujillo and Kirk Hammett have been covering songs from some of the local artists.

The interview just starts the question: “How the ‘doodles’ started” and Robert Trujillo replied:

“There was a duet moment where we were supposed to play a Metallica song, maybe like a deep cut, so we’d play I Disappear or something. We started noticing we weren’t getting the result we wanted. We would go up there and start playing Eye Of The Beholder or something and then the crowd’s expecting James Hetfield to come out and sing.

They were feeling like it was a prelude moment and I started thinking, ‘We’ve got to do something different.’ So Kirk came out one night and he started playing Le Freak by CHIC and it totally caught me off guard. He got me the first night, because I didn’t exactly know the bass line, so I improvised it. And then the second night, I got it.”

Then Trujillo added:

“Then we got to Europe and we were in Amsterdam, and one of our management team members suggested, ‘Why don’t you play Golden Earring’s Radar Love?’ So I started playing the bass line, and then the crowd started singing, and it was like, ‘Hold on a minute. There’s something here.’ Then we started to formulate some local bands from each city.”

You can watch Robert Trujillo and Chris Santos talks in the “Drinks with Johnny” live program.

You can also Metallica Doodle Map below.

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