Xbox Game Pass going big this month with NBA 2K21 and more

Microsoft’s monthly gaming subscription service Xbox Game Pass is adding some high-profile sports games such as NBA 2K21 and Football Manager 21 this March.

Xbox always announces its new games for the Game Pass, which helps many people to play quality games for a monthly subscription fee. The games being added to Xbox Game Pass this month are all high-profile sports and simulation games, exciting many sports fans using the service, especially basketball fans. This is because of an unexpected addition to the lineup this month: NBA 2K21. Apparently, the standard version of NBA 2K21 is being added to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library for console gamers.

But what’s more? Let’s check them out.

Xbox Game Pass March 2021 First Games: NBA 2K21 and More

NBA 2K21 (Cloud, Console)

The popular basketball simulation by 2K is unexpectedly coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and xCloud. This means you will be able to play the game both from your Xbox and your Android (and soon, Windows) via xCloud if you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate user. The game will be added to the library on March 4.

Madden NFL 21 (Console)

EA’s football game is also coming into Xbox Game Pass via EA Play. The previous entry of the title, Madden NFL 20, was already in the service. With this update, EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can now play Madden NFL 21 on their Xbox consoles with no additional cost. The game is already in the library.

Football Manager 21 (PC)

Manage your team however you want in this immersive soccer managing simulation, now coming with Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Xbox edition of the same game will be in the service as well. You can play Football Manager 21 as of March 4 with Xbox Game Pass.

Football Manager 21 Xbox Edition (Console and PC)

The first entry in the series to be released for Xbox after many years, Football Manager 21 is finally added to Xbox Game Pass. You can play the Xbox edition on your console with Xbox Game Pass for Console or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Star Wars: Squadrons (Console)

Star Wars’ dogfight in the space game, Star Wars: Squadrons, is being added to Xbox Game Pass via EA Play this month. Although there is no specific date revealed for this, we know that the game is going to be added to the library by the end of this month.

NHL 21

EA’s ice hockey game NHL 21 is being added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as well, via EA Play, evidently. There’s no date announced. The game is coming to the service this April, Xbox says.

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