Ranking The 10 Best Songs from The Spawn Soundtrack

The Spawn

Spawn, whose real name is Albert Francis Simmons, is a fictional character playing the protagonist in a long-running comic book series with the same name. It revolves around Spawn being cursed into the life of Hellspawn after his deal with his wife, Wanda Blake, for the last time. His enemy was the Violator, and he spent most of his life protecting humans from the forces of Hell and Heaven. This book series entered the limelight after wicked heroes emerged, popularizing the anti-hero. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Spawn rose from a rookie officer to Lieutenant Colonel after encountering the second Redeemer. Without further ado, here are the ten best songs from the Spawn Soundtrack.

10. “Satan” by Orbital & Kirk Hammet (1995)


“Satan” is a superb instrumental track written by P&P Hartnoll, Phill Hartnoll, and Paul Hartnoll. It was released in 1995 and is one of the most interesting soundtracks in Spawn. Over the years, this comic book has had numerous sequels, including Sam & Switch, Curse of the Spawn, the Japanese manga Shadows of Spawn, and Angela. The song is heard when the covert government assassin dies after double-crossing his boss. But when he arrives in hell, he’s allowed to return to earth if he accepts to lead an evil army.

9. “A Plane Scraped Its Belly on a Sooty Yellow” by Soul Coughing and Roni Size (1997)


“Here I come further inside/’cause in all directions/there’s one universal sound/ match to the finish/ the quickness/ incorporate/ the wrong power machine,” are the first lyrics of “A Plane Scraped Its Belly on a Sooty Yellow.” This song was released in 1997 for this comic book after the Redeemer encountered the Spawn. Suddenly, pictures of the torture the assassin faced start appearing in his sleep. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a mess of many assassinated persons.

8. “Familiar” by Incubus & DJ Greyboy (1997)


Incubus is a famous American rock band formed in 1991. The rock band teamed up with DJ Greyboy to create a fantastic track for the comic book, Spawn, titled “Familiar,” according to Music Apple. Most analysts argue that this song is about the frustration of a guy whose lover hurt him so much in the past and is trying to win him over. Others claim it’s about a friend who was into drugs to escape their reality. Either way, it’s a fantastic track to listen to.

7. “Torn Apart” by Stabbing Westward (1997)


Stabbing Westward is an American rock band from Macomb, Illinois. Though they split up in 2001, the band reunited in 2016 to make their 30th anniversary and continued doing their live shows. Before they went their separate ways, they released a song titled “Torn Apart” for the Spawn comic book. The song is about a man desperate to rekindle his romantic affairs with his lover. Unfortunately, the character realizes that all is done and dusted, so he lets her go.

6. “For Whom the Bell Tolls (The Irony of It All)” by Metallica & DJ Spooky (1984)


“For Whom the Bell Tolls (The Irony of It All)” is a song based on Ernest Hemingway’s 1940 novel. It talks about a young American volunteer attached to a republican guerrilla unit during the Spanish Civil War. Considering he was dynamite, his role majorly centered on blowing up a bridge during an attack on the city of Segovia. Book analysts regard this as Hemingway’s most accredited work. It doesn’t surprise that this soundtrack was also used to depict the events in that novel and featured in the Spawn.

5. “Skin Up Pin Up” by Mansun & 808 State (1997)


“Skin Up Pin Up” is a song by the English alternative rock band Mansun, released in 1995. Produced by the rock band leader Paul Draper, it was recorded and released in 1997 by the British electronic group 808 State. It also featured as a soundtrack in Spawn’s The Album on July 29, 1997. The song peaked at 91 on the UK Singles Chart.

4. “Tiny Rubberband” by Butthole Surfers & Moby (1997)


Butthole Surfers is an American rock band from San Antonio, Texas, who teamed up with Moby to create a soundtrack for the Spawn titled “Tiny Rubberband.” Over the years, the band has developed a reputation for their chaotic live shows, black comedy, and sound that emitted noise from rock and punk. Despite their controversial reputation, they’ve created soundtracks, but this one that stands out is this song, which they released for the Spawn.

3. “One Man Army” by The Prodigy & Tom Morello (1997)


“One Man Army” is a song by The Prodigy and Tom Morello in 1997. It was written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett, Keith Palmer, and Thomas Morello. It is one of the songs featured in Spawn’s comic book. The three-verse song is one of Prodigy’s biggest hits.

2. “T-4 Strain” by Henry Rollins & Goldie (1997)


“T-4 Strain” is an instrumental song in Spawn’s bonus disc. It talks about a man capable of killing and declaring himself immortal. It sounds like he’s threatening an unknown character with death, going as far as saying, “I can kill, but I can’t die.”

1. “No Remorse (I Wanna Die)” by Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot (2013)



“No Remorse (I Wanna Die)” is a 4:15-minute song by Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot, featuring on Spawn’s album. The singers talk about their motivation to die without remorse. But before dying, they promise their enemy to go and kill them first. The songwriters were Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Tom Araya, Hanin Elias, Alec Empire, and Alexander Wilke.

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