10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lil Duval

Lil Duval is an American citizen and a famous comedian who has hit the limelight through his various television shows in the US. He is known for being a comedian and being a recording artist, and a philosopher. Lil Duval has an interesting personality and lifestyle. Read on to learn more on things you didn’t know about Lil Duval.

1. Lil Duval birthplace

Lil Duval’s real name is Roland Powell. He was born on 12 June 1977 in Duval County, Florida. His zodiac sign is Gemini, and he is an African-American. He grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, where he spent his childhood but later moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He attended First Coast High School and afterward moved to Atlanta to pursue his talent in comedy. His name was derived and inspired by the county ‘Duval’ he grew up in and wanted to be identified through it.

2. His career

Duval gained interest in comedy while in high school, and this gave him a clear road to where he wanted to be after school. Despite not having the privilege of attending good schools to learn how to do comedy and acting, he could land himself some shows in various clubs in Atlanta, Georgia. He was driven by passion and skills, which guided him to landing on better future opportunities and growth in the industry. Duval first appeared in a documentary in 2002, “Cedric the Entertainer”; this was an opener of many more shows that he had been featured in. He became friends with T.I, the rapper who gave him the chance of appearing in his songs such as “ what’s happening,” “whatever you like,” “24,” and many more. This marked his journey in the music industry, and he has been able to work with other artists and has also done his solo songs such as “I ain’t stressing” and others.

3. Lil Duval breakthrough

His breakthrough came when he was performing comedy, and Cedric the Entertainer spotted his talent and got his attention, and he invited him to join him on his show. He later joined BET’s comedy challenge and became a finalist. Duval struggled to be where he is and began his career through a humble journey that bore fruits. His songs have hit the billboard and have had over a million views, with his first song, “What That Mouth Do,” featuring Trae the Truth.

4. His personal life

Duval has a daughter named Nyla with her girlfriend. He posted on his Instagram page that he had divorced her wife, whom they had lived together for seven years. The marriage came to a halt due to a lack of commitment between the two. Duval has a sister known as Rolanda. According to Wiki Net worth, the sister transformed her gender to be a male, and she is also married. Duval has kept his personal life private, and not much is known about his parents. He is currently single, and on many occasions, in his shows, he describes the woman he would like to marry.

5. His net worth

His net worth is believed to be $2 million. His career in acting contributed to his wealth. Some of the shows that have contributed to his fortune include the “Hip Hop Squares” and “Guy Code” showcased on MTV2. Duval is a multi-talented person with the ability to do comedy, acting, and singing and has hit the limelight in various ways. According to wealthy genius, Duval became successful when he got the opportunity to join television to participate in various projects. This took place in the mid and late 2000s. Being the finalist of the show “Coming to the Stage,” he was awarded $5,000, and this came with other doors opening in the comedy and acting industry.

6. Duval’s scandals

Lil Duval was caught on fire after mocking a Kenyan musician named Stivo Simple Boy. According to standard media, Duval crossed the line after referring to Simple Boy as the black smiley face emoji. This brought controversy, and Duval found himself in trouble with the Kenyans who defended their musician claiming it was so bad of him to joke on Simple Boy’s face.

7. Duval’s life on social media

Social media has been a channel for Duval to reach out to his fans. He has over 3 million followers on his Instagram page. This has helped him find out more things that his fans love, and it’s also a way of marketing himself to other new people worldwide.

8. Duval’s opinion on being transgender

Just like everyone is entitled to their opinion on various issues, Duval too spoke his mind, and this affected and touched the hearts of several people who have changed their gender. According to Jacksonville, when interviewed, Duval said he would kill a woman if he ever found that she is transgender and didn’t open up to him. His statement brought about much critics. Some critics were against women who have transitioned, claiming this will increase it instead of reducing the crime on them.

9. He is not a charity giver

Duval claims that giving people money on charity is a waste of resources and an easy way for others to get what they didn’t work for. He believes in showing people how to earn money rather than giving the money to them. Although this does not mean that he does not help people, he does it differently and style of nurturing talents this way. The person getting the help will grow in progress and understand the ladders of success.

10. Duval’s hosting

Duval has hosted so many impressive shows and events. Being one of the funniest and popular comedians in the United States, he has secured hosting major events like the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. He is also privileged to host television and radio shows like” Ain’t That America” and many more.

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