10 Things You Didn’t Know about FNF Chop

FNF Chop

FNF Chop has been making all kinds of news lately. Truth be told, he is taking social media by storm, even to the point that people who don’t routinely follow these platforms are beginning to take notice of him. At this particular point in time, he’s serving a jail sentence but that’s not keeping him from staying busy, nor is it keeping him from achieving everything that he wants to achieve in his life. Unfortunately, it a direct violation of his parole even though it is legal, and that’s that.

1. He landed in jail for doing something that wasn’t even illegal

He has landed himself in jail because he was doing something that was considered legal. The thing that got him in trouble was that he was on parole and then tested positive for marijuana. The issue is that marijuana is considered legal for recreational use in the state where he is serving his sentence, Virginia. He himself has commented on the fact that a person can shoot another person and kill them and end up getting less jail time than someone does for smoking a joint.

2. He’s spending months behind bars for the offense

So far, he’s been behind bars for more than a year, 14 months to be exact. He finds it hard to believe that he can land in jail for over a year for smoking marijuana, especially in a state where it’s considered legal for recreational use. The criminal justice system says it’s because it’s not his first offense, but it’s also considered a violation of his parole and it simply doesn’t matter whether it is legal or not when it’s against parole conditions.

3. He focused on his art during that time

Despite the fact that he’s been dealing with these legal issues, he hasn’t allowed that to take him away from the things that matter most in them. As a matter of fact, he’s been spending even more time focusing on his music. He has commented that there isn’t that much to do behind bars, so he has all the time in the world to think about his music and which direction he wants it to go.

4. He’s learned to make peace with the idea of not being a free man

In reality, he’s become accepting of the idea that he is likely to be behind bars for quite some time. Aside from focusing on his music, he spends a lot of time exercising, doing push-ups, pull-ups and anything else that helps him pass the time. Of course, he’s not happy about the prospect of being behind bars. Who would be? That said, he’s doing the best he can with the situation as it is. At the end of the day, that’s all anyone can ask for.

5. He has an unusual amount of focus that you don’t commonly see

One of the things that truly sets him apart from so many others is that he has an ability to focus on exactly what he wants to focus on without allowing anything else to get in his way. Most people would allow a jail sentence to derail their entire lives, effectively preventing them from accomplishing much of anything. Instead, he refers to his jail sentence as time spent out of town. Furthermore, he still manages to stay in touch with people who can help him manage his music business, even though he doesn’t have the freedom to meet with them in person.

6. He knows how he wants things done

Some people have a tendency to go along with practically anything, allowing others to make all their decisions for them. Other individuals are determined to be in charge of their own destiny. They know how they want to do things and they don’t like it when things aren’t done the way they think they should be done. That is precisely how you could describe FNF Chop. He is all about making his own decisions and creating his own destiny and he’s not about to let anything or anyone stand in his way.

7. He’s tenacious

One would have to be tenacious to spend this much time in jail and remain focused. As previously mentioned, he just doesn’t let anything get in his way. Whenever he feels like giving up, he merely doubles down and focuses even more intensely than he had in the past.

8. He posted a video online that has people going crazy

If you haven’t yet heard of him, you might be wondering how he became famous in the first place. It all happened rather quickly. Just before he was arrested, he posted a music video on YouTube and it went viral. Truth be told, it took the Internet by storm and it’s still doing so today. This video became so popular that record labels started reaching out to him even while he was behind bars.

9. He keeps a regimented schedule

He is vigilant about maintaining a regimented schedule that involves plenty of exercise along with some contemplation about his music career and what he wants to accomplish as he moves forward. He says that these two things occupy most of his time, along with talking to people on the phone about his burgeoning career.

10. He doesn’t like being told what to do

As you can imagine, someone that has the drive and tenacity that he has previously displayed doesn’t particularly enjoy being told what to do. He says that’s the hardest part about being in the music industry or being incarcerated. There’s always someone that thinks they know better trying to tell him how to do things and he’s not particularly fond of it. It’s easy to say that most people don’t particularly enjoy being told what to do. However, some people take to the reality of that situation better than others. On the other hand, there are people like FNF Chop who are determined to do things their way, even to the point of displaying a bit of rebellion when they feel like someone around them is too controlling for their own good.

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