10 Things You Didn’t Know About Almighty Jay

Jay Gerard Bradley, who is popularly known by his stage name, YBN Almighty Jay is an American rapper. Jay was born in La Marque, Texas on August 6, 1999. His professional music career started in 2017 after he and YBN Nahmir uploaded a few mixtapes and singles on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram. His music career developed as his following on his social media increased and more people became interested in his music. Below is a List of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Almighty Jay

10. Lives a Lavish Lifestyle

Despite his young age Almighty Jay is already a signed musician at Atlantic records. He has also performed at many shows and concerts with his colleagues, Nahmir and Cordae from his YBN crew. He also earns some additional cash by uploading his latest songs to his YouTube channel and other social media sites. Almighty Jay has also been spotted rolling with a BMW and hanging out with Chris Brown, Kodak Black, Snoop Dogg, among other famous artists.

9. He Dated Famous Socialite and Model, Blac Chyna

The two were spotted in a Los Angeles bowling alley in March and where Blac Chyna confirmed they were dating. This came as a shock to lots of people as the two had a 10-year age gap and Almighty jay was 18 years old at the time. Jay later broke up with Blac Chyna stating that he wanted to focus on his career. According to an article on Now 100.5 FM, Almighty Jay claimed that Blac Chyna was too clingy and overly dramatic.

8. He Was attacked by a Street Gang and Robbed in New York

Almighty Jay was attacked, stomped on, and robbed in New York in March 2019. His chains and other personal possessions were stolen during the attack. Jay was later hospitalized on account of the multiple stab wounds he suffered from the encounter and had over 300 stitches. His face was also sliced up pretty badly after someone cracked a Hennessey bottle over his head. After being released from the hospital he admitted in an interview that it was his fault for not having any security around him at the time of the assault.

7. Almighty Jay Has not Released an Album Yet

The young artist, Almighty Jay is yet to release his first full studio album. He has however worked on several singles and mixtapes with his fellow YBN members. He has also been promoting his music on concerts and tours in France, Germany, Sweden, and several other countries. His most recent mixtape ‘Battling My Spirit’ was released on March 5th, 2021.

6. He Had a Passion for Music from An Early Age

Almighty Jay grew up in Texas listening to his mother’s gospel music before discovering rap. He discovered rap music and started to write his rhymes when he was nine years old. In 2004 he met up with his online gamer friend Nick Simmons and they formed the YBN crew. The group then released songs and mixtapes over the years and became popular after their ‘chopsticks’ and ‘takeoff’ singles went viral. He also considers Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, legends who paved the way for him and other young artists.

5. Loves Tattoos

Almighty Jay got his first tattoo at 18 and has been adding them ever since. He has a ‘legend’ tattoo behind his ear which he explained represents his goal to one day become a legend himself. In an interview with GQ, he explained that he wants to be remembered one day in the Hip-hop industry just like how Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. He has another tattoo on his chest is of his son holding some cash and sleeve tattoos on both arms. The young star also has his son’s name ‘sir’ tattooed on his neck.

4. Had a Secret Son at 18 Years

Almighty Jay on 25th November 2018 revealed on Instagram and YouTube that he had a son that he had previously been keeping a secret named Sir Lucious Scott. He further explained that he got him while he was 18 years old and was worried about what people would think and say about him. He later decided to accept his newfound fatherhood and break the news to the world but did not reveal the identity of the baby’s mother.

3. Almighty Jay is Reckless

Almighty Jay in a video interview at TMZ admits to not taking the pandemic seriously, he blatantly explains that his quarantines are boring and that he does not take the social distancing measures seriously. He admitted to inviting girls over, despite the government’s request that people should minimize interactions as much as possible and stay or work from their own homes. His lack of concern for his well-being and that of the people around him suggests that he is reckless.

2. Had a Fallout with His Former YBN Crewmate Nahmir

Almighty Jay had a fallout with his former YBN crewmate Nahmir. After their fall out the group got disbanded and the artists decided to go their separate way. Jay and Nahmir are still in conflict with each other and Jay has expressed his wish to fight Nahmir. The two had a heated exchange on social media and plan to fight each other to settle the score.

1. Net Worth is $500,000

As of the end of March 2021, Almighty Jay’s net worth was $500,000. He has accumulated his wealth from the mixtapes that he has released on different social media platforms and his work with his fellow YBN crew. His YouTube channel, which has 478,000 followers has been one of his main sources of income.


Almighty Jay is among the new-generation musicians who have built their fame through social media. Although he has not released an album yet, he has worked on several singles and released them on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Based on the mixtapes and covers that he has released, Almighty Jay’s can be considered a legend in the making.

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