10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lloyd Banks

If you were a hip-hop fan in the early/mid-2000s, you probably remember when Lloyd Banks was one of the most promising up-and-coming rappers in the game. As a member of G-Unit, Banks stood out for his lyrical prowess, and his debut album, The Hunger for More, spawned three successful singles. His next two albums also resulted in a few hits and the possibilities seemed endless for Banks. However, by the early 2010s, things had started to quiet down for him in the mainstream. That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t still working hard, though. Banks released a handful of mixtapes after his third album, and it was clear that he was continuing to sharpen his craft.

In 2021, he returned with his fourth album, The Course of the Inevitable, and his fans couldn’t be any more excited to see him back with another full project. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Lloyd Banks.

1. His First Name Isn’t Lloyd

Due to his stage name, a lot of people probably assumed that Lloyd Banks’ first name was Lloyd, however, that isn’t the case. Lloyd Banks was born Christopher Charles Lloyde Jr. His stage names from a combination of his last name and his great-great grandfather’s first name.

2. He Was Born In Maryland

New York City is the place that most people associated with Lloyd Banks, but many don’t know that he was actually born in Maryland. He was, however, raised in Queens which is where he met 50 Cent and Tony Yayo when they were young. The three of them would eventually go on to start G-unit.

3. He Sells Merch

From very early on in his career, Lloyd Banks made it clear that he was very serious about his brand. That’s something about him that has been consistent with him throughout the years. He continues to build his brand through merchandise sales online. At the moment, his items include t-shirts and hoodies.

4. He’s Had Some Acting Roles

When people think of Lloyd Banks, rap is the first thing that comes to mind. However, that’s not the only thing he’s done in the entertainment world. He’s had a few acting roles over the years including an appearance in the 2009 movie Before I Self Destruct. 

5. He Has Hundreds Of Unrecorded Songs

After Banks’ third album came out, lots of people thought he had kind of given up on music, but he was working hard on new music all along. According to Karen Civil, Lloyd Banks has between 150 to 200 songs written in his phone that have yet to be recorded.

6. 50 Cent Insinuated That He’s Lazy

Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent were friends for years before they started rapping together, but like all of 50’s other public relationships, he and Banks eventually had some issues. In 50’s 2020 book, Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, he insinuated that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo never got as big as they could’ve been because they were both lazy. In his latest album, Banks seemed to address these allegations in his song “Stranger Things”. During the song he rapped, “Your favorite’s nowhere near me when I’m dedicated/Always humble, usually disciplined and never hated/Call me quiet, call me lazy, talent never faded/It’s frustrating when your grindin’ ain’t appreciated”.

7. He’s A Father

As far as we know, Lloyd Banks has never been married, but he is a very proud father. He has two young children and he takes great pride in being their dad. Photos of his son, Christopher Lloyde III, were featured on the album cover for The Course of the Inevitable. 

8. He Was Shot

On September 10, 2001, Lloyd Banks was shot twice as he left a nightclub in Queens. Despite his injuries, he was able to run to the nearest hospital where he was treated. When he woke up at the hospital the following day, he found out about the September 11th terrorist attacks.

9. He Was A Millionaire By 20

For anyone who questions how much money Banks was getting when he started rapping, the answer is a lot. During an interview with The Box Houston, Lloyd said, “I made my first million dollars at 20-years old and I was too scared to touch it. I eat humble pie every morning so I really didn’t have the temptation to go out there and live beyond my means.”

10. He’s Never Been One To Share His Personal Business

Even after being in the music industry for almost 20 years, Lloyd Banks has never been the type to be obsessed with getting attention from the world. Instead, he’s preferred to live a more low-key lifestyle. He doesn’t do many interviews and he doesn’t post much about his personal life on social media.

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