Why Kodak Black Threw $ 100,000 into the Ocean

Kodak Black is the stage name for an American rapper whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri. He was born in the year 1997 in Florida. He became popular by releasing his first single in 2014, known as “No Flokin.” In 2017 he was the best teenage rapper in the country while still in high school. Kodak Black’s early life was marred with troubles, including being expelled from school when he was in grade five because of fighting his classmate. He was also arrested while in middle school for theft. When Kodak left school, he had always been on the wrong side of the law, according to Miaminewtimes.com, where he has been arrested severally such as in February 2016 for sexual battery, April 2016 for weapons possession, February 2017 for violating house arrest where he assaulted a bartender. This background information forms the basis for unraveling some of why he threw $100 000 into the Ocean.

1. Looking for Identity

Due to his reputation through music, Kodak Black might have felt that his identity was stripped off for being arrested and rocked up in prison for 46 months. He felt like his hard work for many years was wasted, and his talent and skills went down the drain. There is a sense of loss when someone is arrested, especially famous people such as artists or athletes. The loss of name they are known for and acquiring the identity of the wrong guy can be very stressful. They are also incarcerated, depriving them of the sense of belonging usually derived from one’s family and friends. Therefore, the person shall seek means to gain back their identity or celebrity status, which happens to be the case with Kodak, where he threw money into the ocean.

2. Inability to Handle Pressure

In most cases, celebrities suffer from the pressure from their fans and fame as they try to meet their expectations day in day out. When this pressure is not handled properly, it may result in many negative effects like has happened with Kodak Black. Unfortunately, there is no specific written manual on how to handle these types of pressure hence the need to seek help and have support groups. The genesis of this pressure in the case of Kodak Black can be attributed to, among other things, the mistreatment he received in jail, where he ended up suffering trauma. Trauma, when not well attended on its part, may also result in mental instability. Consequently, the person becomes incapacitated to handle any pressure, especially for those in the limelight like Kodak. It is also important to note that Kodak Black was trying to seek attention from his fans using all means possible to reach them, wherein his own admission, he stated that money and fame could make someone do things you would never have thought of. This was also confirmed by his friends, who claimed that he was not the same person they had met in the studio back then, for he had totally changed, exhibiting a lot of arrogance.

3. Low Self Esteem

Kodak Black comes from a poor stricken environment in Florida, so he is trying to find his place in society. The environment he was raised in only made things worse in molding his character as it was a place where vices such as womanizing and shooting guns were a norm. Kodak’s childhood was faced with many challenges, including figuring life on his own even as a young boy, which made him even team up with bad friends. People with low esteem are known to do things they think will make others value them as important, as in the case with Kodak and how he aired his grievances with his Sniper Gang label. They also feel that things must be done their own way, therefore lashing out to others and becoming aggressive, like how it is seen with Kodak in the video where he throws money into the ocean. He had called himself the best rapping artist to be alive immediately after being released from prison, which his fans did not take well, making him throw tantrums of throwing money into the ocean to prove that he was rich and maybe better than all those who are despising him.

4. Lack of a Personal Manager

Kodak Black has not engaged a professional manager who can help him manage his career and finances. Most successful young artists have sought the help of managers who manages their affairs as they themselves concentrate on practicing and performing what they do best. Kodak is unreachable as there is no agent whom fans or clients can reach when they want to invite him to come and perform. If Kodak were to have a personal manager running his events, he could have continued to do so even when he was in jail. Personal managers also advise the artists on how to budget and invest their earnings, absorb a lot of pressure from the fans on behalf of their client, and even handling issues like anger management as they have a wealth of experience. Kodak though he was pardoned by the president, the officer in charge said that he did not have a concrete plan on how he was going to change except that he said he would give $ 1 million to charity. In this current situation, he has thrown money into the ocean, showing someone who is doing things haphazardly, which a personal manager can easily sort.

5. State of being Paranoid

Kodak Black was recorded in an interview where he had said that he had fears about whether he would have a family and that after achieving his success, he felt like someone would come and snatch his success away from him. The other thing that shows that Kodak Black is paranoid was in the way he was shown raising issues with his childhood friend Jay boy because of a promise he made to him while he was still in prison, and when Kodak was released, he did not keep his end of bargain showing he did not even trust his friend. While in prison, he has insinuated that the correctional officers were strategically planning to kill him to an extent where he went ahead to sue them. Being obsessed and feeling like negative things will happen can result in weird behavior like Kodak throwing money into the ocean.

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