Lars Ulrich from Metallica shares an unseen photo of his childhood

Lars Ulrich is the drummer of the Metallica band and he shares an unseen photo of his childhood. This photo also was taken from his Denmark years.

Lars is a native of Denmark, and he played tennis professionally as a teenager and could have gone on to a career as a tennis player. But he chooses the music career. When he was younger had moved to Los Angeles. He has seen at the placed ad in a local paper called The Recycler looking for other musicians to play. He calls the advertiser and was answered by guitarists James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner of the band called Leather Charm. Then after the rehearsals days, Metallica formed in 1981 and release their first song “Hit The Lights” for the compilation album “Metal Massacre”.

Here’s the Metallica’s first official lineup also featuring James Hetfield, Ulrich, guitarist Dave Mustaine, and bassist Ron McGovney with Lars Ulrich played its first gig on March 14, 1982, in California.

Now Lars Ulrich shares a photo on his official Instagram account on March 6 and replied:

“My buddy Jake sent this pic over of him and I from a few ago.. Who’s who? Hint: not the one in the middle #wanna #fbf”

You can check Lars Ulrich‘s photo below.


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