Best Metal Love Songs You Must Listen on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as usual with Valentine’s Day coming and lots of people are getting ready and making plans to spend this special day with their loved ones. Gifts, chocolates, flowers, and romantic tables are being prepared for sure and besides them, one of the most important accompanists of these plans is music, obviously.

Since there is plenty of them, it might come difficult for you to choose and make a playlist among them in order to get them to put you in a romantic mood. And the hardest thing is to find metal love songs,especially if your or your lover’s genre is so, cause actually there isn’t much heavy music about love. So here we are, wanted to give you a hand with your playlist which will include the best metal love songs you must listen to on Valentine’s Day with your valentine.

1- Type O Negative – Love You to Death

  • Genre: Gothic Metal, Haunted Metal, Doom Metal
  • Released: 1996

This song is one of the best gothic metal love songs by Type O Negative, which belongs to their fourth album October Rust. Type O Negative showed their unique skill with making the heavy riffs and the low voices of Steele sound deep and sexy. In this song, Type O Negative depicts psychotic love and its vibes are suitable for couples who are truly deeply in love. Love You To Death is one of the band’s best-known songs and even being used at weddings.

2- Avenged Sevenfold – Little Piece of Heaven

  • Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
  • Release: 2007

“Little Piece of Heaven” is from Avenged Sevenfold’s self-titled album. The band provides a morbid take on in a different way with this love song. The song tells a story about a man who loved a girl so much that he killed her, ate her heart, and continued living with her dead body. And then the girl comes to life, kills him, and eats his heart, in return. The music might come horrifying and affectionate at the same time because the couple gets married in death for the rest of their unnatural life to probably spend their undead eternity together.

3- Pantera – This Love

  • Genre: Power Ballad, Heavy Metal
  • Release: 1991

This Love belongs to Pantera’s best-selling album Vulgar Display of Power. Pantera soothes you into thinking with this song which is a calm ballad about heartbreak with its first notes on the clean guitar. But on the other hand, they are still Pantera, so Phl Anselmo yells at the top of his lungs, and the Abbott brothers follow along with Rex Brown creating a thunderous accompaniment. The song gets dark as well with its lyrics which fast with themes of murder and suicide creeping in. So maybe, it won’t suit your romantic night well but it is perfect if you have a bitter lover. In addition, this metal love song is about the story of vocalist Phil Anselmo’s past relationship and became one of Pantera’s most famous songs.

4- Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine

  • Genre: Extreme metal
  • Release: 2004

Cradle of Filth has always been more romantic than their peers of black metal bands. The band is best known for its goth elements and metal love songs which include erotic fantasies, Countess Bathory, and seduction by evil forces. And Nymphetamine is the closest one to an actual love song. The song belongs to the same-titled album of them and has a slow and melodic tune with Liv Kristen guesting as a vocalist. It provides all the standard elements of Cradle Of Filth songs except the blast beast.

5- Black Sabbath – N.I.B.

  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release: 1970

It is not possible for Black Sabbath to make any traditional love songs or any generic chords on acoustic guitar or any lines which make someone’s heart beating faster. The band presents a story of Lucifer as the protagonist and an unfortunate woman whom the devil falls in love with. But after falling in love, Lucifer thoroughly changes to the right person. The song accompanies by heavy riffs of Tony Iommi and the dirty bass of Geezer Buttler. “N.I.B.” is the first truly heavy song about love, considering Black Sabbath to be amongst the first heavy metal albums ever. Also, Ozzy Osbourne and Primus have made this song’s cover.

6- Strapping Young Lad – Love?

  • Genre: Metal, Progressive Metal
  • Release: 2005

“Love?” is an anthropological perspective of love and written by Devin Townsend breakthrough single of Strapping Young Lad. It is a metal love song that presents love as an evolutionary device designed to produce offspring. In the song, there is a lot of screaming and double bass drum parts that are followed by lyrics about a cynical outlook on love, the control in a relationship, and how they make feel a person. So, you may want to think twice before you put it on your list if you are not a fan of heavy metal that much.

7- Slipknot – Iowa

  • Genre: Nu metal, groove metal
  • Release: 2001

This song can really creep you up while telling about love and how deep it can scar a person. The metal love song of Slipknot belongs to the same-titled album and is a long and haunting closing track of the album. In Iowa, Slipknot goes to its darkest place. On the other hand, Corey Taylor poured his soul out while he was writing this terrifying song text. You can hear on tape Taylor cutting himself between takes and puked while recording it. It just gets creepier more we learn, right?

8- Grave – In Love

  • Genre: Death Metal
  • Release: 1991

In Love belongs to Into the Grave album of Grave from 1991. This metal love song defies the saying “Until deaths do us part.” The story depicts a lover who refuses to let the reaper put an end to their relationship. The man gives her everything that he possibly can, but the woman won’t be there so he can’t find peace at all during her absence.

9- Judas Priest – Prisoner of Your Eyes

  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release: 1982

It is a metal love song of Judas Priest for their album Screaming for Vengeance. This love song follows a man in love with someone, but their relationship ended a long ago and tells his unrequited love. Prisoner of Your Eyes has a theatrical and rocky vibe accompanies by a guitar solo that can cut like a knife straight to the heart. And the lyrics also penetrates the soul. Even if it is a heavy metal song, it really provides everything for a love song.

10- Opeth – Benighted

  • Genre: Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock
  • Release: 1999

Opeth presented this relaxing song with Mikael Akerfeldt and Fredrik Nordstrom back in 1999. The song tells about letting fears control beliefs with a meetup between the outcast and Melinda wherein the outcast tries to convince her to abandon her superstition and run away with him. So actually this metal love song measures how strong your faith is. The song really invokes so much emotion and has a great intro while it’s relaxing you all the way down.

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