Netflix Ready to Buy ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ Movie for $600 Million

Netflix wants to buy ‘James Bond: No Time to Die‘ but waiting for MGM‘s last decision. 007’s latest movie skip the cinemas because of the ongoing pandemic.

Are you ready to watch the new James Bond movie on Netflix? If you are thinking like that. You must have to wait a while longer when MGM and Netflix agree on this film. This is the 25th Bond film and the last of the Daniel Craig also features as a lead cast and they normally want to premiere in cinemas in April 2020. But due to a huge ongoing pandemic crisis delayed the release date. Now, the official release date set for April 2nd, 2021.

However, MGM thought about selling the movies all rights to one of the biggest streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Apple+, or others.

Will Netflix Release ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ Movie?

It probably looks like that. Because Netflix and other platforms want to debut this movie on their service. We guess Netflix will add this Bond movie to its catalog in 2021.

There are certain rumors about that one of the writers tweet about that and says, “I can’t get my head around the idea that we may well see James Bond debut on Apple TV+ or Netflix. The numbers I’ve been hearing the last few days are I N S A N E…”

Too many reports revealed that Apple has tried starring Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die has prepared a bid for a 12-month license ranging from $350 million to $400 million. This was well short of the $650 million to $700 million. Also, one source said that MGM was trying to make such a contract for this movie.

MGM would like to sell to another studio or streaming platform before the when pandemic ruins the film industry. Ulrich, sources talks, wanted to strike a settlement with the firm in the region of $8 billion. This is a high amount of money and while MGM controls a 4000 titles library which everything from “The Silence of Lambs” to “Rocky,” many intellectual titles that also has been heavily profited. MGM’s most important productions and Bond is the reason that an Apple or Netflix also prepares a trillion shell to release this Bond movie.

In addition to that, the ‘James Bond: No Time to Die‘ movie costing the studio $1 million in interest per month while it sits on the catalog. Watch the trailer below!


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