Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Sex Tape Scandal Coming as a TV Series

Hulu New Series: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Sex Tape Scandal

Hulu has come up with high quality works recently. Founded in 2007, the company brought the subscription service to use in 2010 and presented shows such as series/movies to the audience. In a race with its two big competitors, Netflix and Amazon, Hulu is preparing to convey the profile of a very famous sex tape scandal to the stage this time. The series is planned to consist of 8 episodes. The relationship of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson (Pam & Tommy), the most talked-about lovers of the 90s, will be broadcast as a short series. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, who know about the show, have yet to express a thought, and we don’t know if they’ll be involved in the show anyway.

What’s the synopsis and cast of the ‘Pam & Tommy’ TV series?

As it is known, Rock music, which experienced the peak of its popularity in the 90s, also revealed the lives of rock stars. Two rockstars of their time, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee went on a honeymoon after their marriage in 1995. After the honeymoon, everything changed. The sex tape on the couple’s honeymoon was stolen and leaked to the press.

  • Cast: Sebastian Stan (Tommy Lee) and Lily James (Pamela Anderson) will be starring in the series. Seth Rogen will play the role of the thief who stole the tape.
  • Director: Craig Gillespie, known for I, Tonya, Real Girl
  • Writer: Rob Siegel, known for The Wrestler, Turbo, Big Fan

Recent News about the Show:

According to Yahoo News: Early photos from Pam & Tommy, the upcoming Hulu miniseries chronicling Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s relationship and the infamous sex tape filmed during their 1995 honeymoon, have the internet abuzz over star Lily James’s uncanny transformation into the former Baywatch star. They’ve also riled up the actress’s longtime pal Courtney Love, who took to Facebook on Sunday to blast the project as “f***ing outrageous” and “vile.”

“I find this so f***ing outrageous,” the Hole frontwoman wrote alongside a newspaper clipping of Downton Abbey and Baby Driver actress James in costume as Anderson. Love went on to share her memories of the sex tape, which was stolen from the former couple and then leaked online, being ogled by male music industry professionals while she was recording an album. “They were watching the sex tape with huge schadenfreude… guffaws,” she recalled. “It was disgusting. I banned anyone from discussing it.” Love, widow of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, added that the tape “destroyed my friend Pamela’s life.”

About the original scandal

According to Wikipedia, a sex tape of Anderson and Tommy Lee on their honeymoon was stolen from their home in 1995 and was widely discussed on the Internet. Anderson sued the video distribution company, Internet Entertainment Group. Ultimately, the Lees entered into a confidential settlement agreement with IEG. Thereafter, the company began making the tape available to subscribers to its web sites again, resulting in triple the normal traffic on the sites.[107] Another tape, which was made before the Tommy Lee tape, involving Anderson and musician Bret Michaels from Poison, was later announced, and an abridged version of less than 60 seconds appeared on the internet. Frames of the video first appeared in Penthouse magazine in March 1998.

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