10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gunna

When Gunna started gaining mainstream success in 2018, a lot of people thought he was new to the rap game. In reality, however, he had been working hard to establish himself for several years. When he finally got a big break with the release of his mixtape, Drip or Drown, it was clear that Gunna was going to be much more than a one-hit-wonder. In the years since, he has become one of the most talked-about rappers in the industry and fans love his unique style. Whether on a track alone or appearing as a featured artist, you can bet that Gunna is always going to deliver some memorable lines. Now, fans are anxiously awaiting the release of his third studio album, and there’s a very good chance that Gunna isn’t going to disappoint.  Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Gunna.

1. He Used To Rap Under A Different Name

At this point in his career, there are people all over the world who know him as Gunna. However, when he first started rapping, he was using the name Yung Gunna. In 2013, he released his debut mixtape, Hard Body, under that name. All of his other projects have been under the name Gunna.

2. He Hopes To One Day Be Considered A Legend

Inspiration is one of the most important aspects of the creative process, and every person is inspired by something different. When asked about his inspiration while talking to Interview Magazine, Gunna said, “What inspires me is being looked at as a legend, working on my craft and being acknowledged for it. The feedback from my fans, the support I get from my peers and my crew, that’s my inspo. They push me to keep going.”

3. He’s A Private Person

The last few years have been huge for Gunna, and as a result, there has been an increasing number of people who want to know all about him. However, Gunna has never been the type of person to share much about his personal life with the world. Instead, he prefers to stay low-key and keep all of the focus on his music.

4. He Accidentally Swallowed A Diamond

Gunna is known for always being dripped out in expensive jewelry and clothing. One of his trademarks is a set of diamonds that he had installed in his teeth. One day while eating some sticky candy, one of the diamonds came dislodged and Gunna accidentally swallowed it.

5. Wunna Is Actually An Acronym

Gunna often refers to himself as Wunna, and most people assumed that he likes to refer to himself as Wunna simply because it rhymes. That, however, isn’t the case. The name Wunna actually stands for Wealthy Unapologetic Ni**a Naturally Authentic. Gunna considers Wunna to be his alter-ego.

6. He Considers Young Thug To Be The Best Rapper Alive

Debates over the best rappers are always a sensitive subject in hip-hop. However, Gunna has absolutely no problem making his list known. He told Interview Magazine that he considers his friend and frequent collaborator Young Thug to be the greatest rapper alive.

7. He Made Hundreds Of Songs During Quarantine

The COVID-19 quarantine period was hard on a lot of people and many creators admitted that they felt their ability to be creative had come to a screeching halt. Fortunately for Gunna, that didn’t happen to him. During an interview with Complex, Gunna said that he made “200 to 300” songs while in quarantine.

8. He Loves Shopping

In addition to his music, Gunna is also known for being very fashionable. While he does work with a stylist, he also has a natural eye for fashion and he enjoys putting things together on his own. Any time he’s visiting a city, he always makes it a point to find the nearest mall and go shopping.

9. He’s Serious About Keeping His Kitchen Clean

No matter how busy Gunna is, cleaning his kitchen is something he always tries to make time for. In his interview with Interview Magazine, Gunna shared, “I think at the house, before I go down, I got to clean the kitchen area. When I come downstairs in the morning, the counter has got to be lit. It’s got to be soothing when I come downstairs. If it ain’t, my day won’t be all the way together.”

10. He Believes In The Power Of Manifestation

Do you believe that you have the power to attract the things you want in life? Gunna certainly does. Gunna is a firm believer in the idea that you can manifest the things you want in life. He also acknowledges that everything he has now is something that he envisioned having.

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