10 Best Song Renditions From Westworld

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Westworld is currently one of HBO’s most popular and interesting shows. The show is interesting in a million different ways from its insane futuristic technology to its quality. Themes to the absolutely beautiful renditions of modern songs were clearly present as well. From The Rolling Stones, Soundgarden, Kanye West and many more, these artists’ hit songs were reworked for the show. All of the music within Westworld was composed into a classical masterpiece with a modern touch. Westworld’s music was the ultimate element and final touch that added that perfect end product that really immersed the watcher. Below, we’ve gone over the best song renditions in no particular order from the HBO series Westworld.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

This classic Guns N Roses song was re-imagined and released with a preview trailer for season 3. This rendition wasn’t as subtle as most song renditions featured in Westworld. While it wasn’t in an episode, but shown in a specific scene, Sweet Child O’ Mine’s Westworld appearance was still perfectly timed.



While the rendition of the song was short, the song could be heard by any Wu Tang Clan fan. The song premiered in season 2 during the fifth episode and showed a different music style than what we’ve heard. However it still had that classical collection of instruments, it fell into a different genre being influenced by Japanese culture.



Paint It Black

Paint It Black had been featured in the show twice. The first time the song was transformed in Westworld it was featured in the first epsiode for a gun fight. While the second time it was featured it was another Japanese inspired song but was composed entirely different. For this list we decided to choose the more intricate variant of the song in Westworld, featured in season 1.


Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun was a rendition of Soundgarden’s most popular song to date and yet another song that appeared in the first episode. The scene in which the song played hid the song behind some dialogue unfortunately but it was still heard. The song perfectly captured that sound of an old saloon piano, and made it fit perfectly into the theme the Westworld park specialized.


Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box was one of the most popular and emotional Nirvana songs, and recieved the Westworld rendition treatment twice. Both variantions of the song that were done for the show were done for season 2. While one version of the song was featured in a scene, the other used for a trailer for season 2. Below, we’ve included the fuller, orchestral version of the song which was the song featured in the trailer.


Seven Nation Army

The White Stripes hit, Seven Nation Army, was featured on the second season of the show. This was definitely one of the more subtle covers that couldn’t really be picked up unless truly listened to. The song was played on a sitar which was highly interesting as the instrument was certainly not featured on the original.



While Westworld doesn’t really do renditions of rap songs, this song originally is a little different from the usual rap song as Kamye West tends to go way extra with his music. Since the artist goes so deeply into the creation of his music, this was the perfect song to get the Westworld treatment.


Space Oddity

This rendition of what was possibly the most famous David Bowie song, Space Oddity was immediately picked up for what it is when it played in season 3. The scene in which the song played is absolutely perfect for music to be displayed for when it is, it’s one of several scenes we experienced throughout season 3 where the characters took a drug known as Genre.


Brain Damage

Brain Damage was possibly the best rendition that has been done for Westworld, and premiered during the music-inducing drug experience of Genre during season 3. Pink Floyd songs were already in a league and realm of their own so not only was a rendition of the psychedelic rock band risky, but also intimidating.


House of the Rising Sun

This rendition of House of the Rising Sun was from early on in the show, but was one of the more obvious and powerful songs that appeared throughout the entire show. House of the Rising Sun has been covered time and time again over the years but Westworld’s signature classic versions made this version all its own.


Overall, Westworld was without a doubt different from other shows in a large number of ways but the music composed by Ramin Djawadi was nothing short of beautiful art. All information on Westworld, its characters and more can be found here, and get ready for more renditions for season 4.

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