The 10 Best Swae Lee Songs of All Time

Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown, whose stage name is Swae Lee, has made a fortune in the music industry. His love for music began as a teenager when he partnered with his brother, Aaquil, whose stage name is Slim Jxmmi, to start a music group. They recorded their first music video, and the two brothers have never looked back. Although they later founded their duet, Rae Sremmurd, Lee has also been doing solo acts. He is a gifted singer, and you can check out some of the best Swae Lee songs of all time below.

10. Dance Like No One’s Watching

One of the most popular sayings by William Purkey is that we should dance like nobody’s watching, love like we’ve never been hurt, and sing like nobody’s listening. It is an expression that urges us to do our best regardless of the naysayers, not paying attention to their opinions. Lee seems to have had this saying in mind when he recorded “Dance Like No One’s Watching.” In the song, Lee talks about all the things he would want – from wealth and partying to girls and healthy relationships.

9. Christmas at Swae’s

Lee talked to Billboard and disclosed that after releasing this song in 2018, fans did not appreciate it as much as he wanted. Therefore, he reintroduced it in 2019, hoping people would give it the appreciation it deserved. He was right to reintroduce it because, going by some of the comments on YouTube, it has been one of the people’s favorite Christmas songs since its release. It even helped to showcase Lee as more than just someone who was good at making beats but also his vocal abilities. The rapper confessed that he had Mariah Carey in mind when writing the song but wound up singing it himself.

8. In the Dark

In 2017, Jhené Aiko collaborated with Lee to drop “Sativa.” The two must have loved the outcome because Lee also sought Aiko’s beautiful voice for his song “In the Dark.” It was a great move to consider someone with Asian roots since the song was featured in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” The Marvel film features an Asian lead, going down in history as the first from the franchise to do so. The song is about two lovers needing reassurance that the other will stay committed.

7. Sextasy

If you are familiar with street terms for drugs, then you have probably heard of sextasy. It is a drug combination of ecstasy and another used to treat erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra. Usually, the two go hand in hand because once a person takes ecstasy, sexual performance is impaired because achieving an erection is difficult; hence the need for Viagra. So, to hear a song going by the title “Sextasy” you can be right to think it talks about sex and the euphoric feeling associated with it.

6. Hurt to Look

Bizness talked to MTV and revealed that he is the man behind the beat in the track “Hurt to Look.” The DJ explained that the collaboration with Lee began through a mutual acquaintance, DJ Jon Wells. As Wells listened to beats by Bizness during a tour, Lee heard the music and fell in love with it. Thus, Wells connected Bizness to Lee, and “Hurt to Look” was conceived from the DJ’s resolve to push the rapper to try something new.

5. Won’t Be Late

Lee teamed up with Drake to record this beautiful song that grows on you each time you listen to it. Their voices are a perfect match, and the Afrobeat is all thanks to Nigerian music producer and songwriter, Augustine Miles Kelechi, also known as Tekno. Tekno is credited for writing and producing the song, so it is no wonder that there is some incorporation of Nigerian words like Ikebe and Bakassi.

4. Reality Check

The song was released in June 2020, but had it gone according to Lee’s plan, it would have been released much earlier. According to Genius, Lee planned on releasing it before the coronavirus lockdown order was implemented, but then the protests began. He realized it was the ripe time to drop the hit “Reality Check,” reasoning that people needed a reality check on the jobs lost, racism, sickness, and missing loved ones. He explained that people who do not recognize their wrongdoings are badly in need of a reality check.

3. Krabby Step

Nickelodeon did kids around the world a great favor when it produced “SpongeBob SquarePants” in 1999 because it has since lit up their faces. It is a beloved series, and the production house continues to make films from the series. One of them is “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run,” which became the first in the franchise to use computer-generated imagery. Lee did his part in making this film a success through his participation in the soundtrack. The singer partnered with Tyga and Lil Mosey to release “Krabby Step,” whose lyrics reference the main characters in the series, such as Sandy Cheeks, Patrick, Mrs. Puff, and Gary.

2. Guatemala

Some of the best songs are unplanned, and this is one of them. According to HotNewHipHop, Lee had been touring for four years, and all he needed was a break. So, he went to his friend’s house for a house party with at least 20 ladies. Since the friend had a studio, they all found themselves relaxing there. As they sampled the beats, Lee was drawn to a specific one, and shouted some syllables. The ladies wanted to hear more of his composition; thus, “Guatemala” came to be.

1. Sunflower

This is Lee’s first song to rank at No.1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, a position it held for a week. The funny thing is that the song almost did not happen. According to Variety, Lee and Post Malone had been in the studio for hours. They had already recorded five songs, but Lee was still energetic. So, at six in the morning, the singer recorded the song since the words were already in his head. He never expected it to be a chart-topper.

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