8 Most Notable Craig Owens Projects

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Craig Owens has been a huge name in the scene since the formation and explosion in popularity of Chiodos. The vocalist however has done several side projects during and after his time with Chiodos. While Chiodos is considered post-hardcore, Craig Owens has dipped into various genres from acoustic to softer full band jams to more experimental bands like The Sound of Animals Fighting and Isles & Glaciers. Below, we’re going to go over the Craig Owens’ various projects, in no particular order.


The band that started the rise to fame for the artist, Chiodos definitely stood out from other bands. The band has only released one album without the vocalist during a strange time for both artists. Since the artist left Chiodos while another filled his place, he later rejoined and recorded one last album with Chiodos. I’m sure something will come from Chiodos again at some point or another. For now, however, Craig Owens has other projects currently being worked on.

Cinematic Sunrise

Cinematic Sunrise was a softer approach to music from Craig Owens with the artist playing acoustic style songs. These songs were mostly soft, full band songs with piano and no screaming at all. While not all fans of Chiodos were fans, or even knew, of the side project from the band. Cinematic Sunrise featured Brian Bell who was also from Chiodos, as well as future DRUGS member Nick Martin.

Craig Owens Solo Music

Craig Owens has also released music as a solo artist that’s more on the acoustic side overall. Here and there however, the artist throws in that little extra and creates a full production. While Craig Owens has only released one full album, he has released a few singles from 2015 to 2019. Craig Owens also has a cover of Coldplay featured on Punk Goes Pop 5 as well as various guest vocals.

Sound of Animals Fighting

The Sound of Animals Fighting is probably the most interesting band Craig Owens has been featured as a member of. The supergroup had a rotating set of members that recorded and played the albums live. While Craig Owens was only in the band for their first album, he added an additional dynamic to that era. The Sound of Animals Fighting had a very interesting theme to it, with each member taking up the persona and mask of an animal.


Something I had forgotten about almost immediately after listening to it, Bea5t is a grindcore project from Craig Owens that will probably never get any future update. However, the EP was interesting and showed the artist expressing himself in yet another genre, showing that his musical interests never cease. The EP, Empathy Is A Gift, only features 4 songs and totals 7 minutes but its hard-hitting and well worth at least a listen or two.


D.R.U.G.S. may be the only project from Craig Owens that may possibly be more demanded from fans of the artist than Chiodos. The band’s name stands for Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows and is another supergroup featuring the artist. This time around however, Craig Owens created the supergroup with members more within his known scene. Members of Matchbook Romance, From First To Last, Underminded, Story of the Year round out the band with Craig Owens. Production by John Feldmann, definitely added the well needed extra touches to finalize the interesting sound the band was going for.


badXchannels is the newest and currently project for Craig Owens. This project leans more towards dubstep and the related side of electronic music but still feature Craig Owens signature, beloved vocals. This project itself is pretty interesting as well, and unexpected from the artist. Since releasing his first EP as badXchannels, the project has seen occasional guest features with increasingly popular artists.

Isles & Glaciers

Finally, we have the most treasured project featuring Craig Owens. Several other big names in the scene are present in Isles & Glaciers from bands like Pierce The Veil, Emarosa, Cinematic Sunrise and more. These songs were much intricate and orchestrated much different from other pojects featuring the artists involved. Isles & Glaciers unfortunately never got any touring treatment outside of a few performances, the album however got the remix treatment a few years after release.


Overall, Craig Owens has incredible skill as a musician and producer. The artist clearly has a burning passion for music and no matter where life takes him, he will always be involved in music in some shape or form.

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