Ranking All The Songs from the P.S. I Love You Soundtrack

PS I Love You

The movie P.S. I Love You hit theatres in 2007. It was directed by Richard LaGravenese and based on a novel written by Cecelia Ahern. Although the book was amazing, one of the things that enhanced it in the movie was a collection of songs that made the story line even more alive. This is a ranking of the songs from the P.S. I Love You Soundtrack.

14. In The Beginning – The Stills


The Stills are an alternative rock group with a huge indie music influence. Originally, this song was on the 2006 album Without Feathers. You’ll hear the song during one of the bar scenes where Ciara plays a Snaps game, and Holly and Daniel have a private moment.

13. Every We Had – The Academy Is…


This group falls under the heading of Emo. The song was originally released on their album Santi in 2007. William Beckett, Mike Carden, Michel Guy Christlet, and Andy Mrotek wrote it.

12. Last Train Home – Ryan Star


This song is on Starr’s album 11:59, his freshman album. Many of the songs appeared in various movies, including this one. According to Songfacts, the music started when Star watched two young tweens together at a park and started to muse on young love. Another inspiration for the song was his girlfriend at the time, Hallie, who he met when they were young.

11. No Other Love – Chuck Prophet


The predominant theme in the movie is everlasting love. The main characters prove that if you love someone enough, you will find a way to show it even after you’re gone. One of the best things bout this song is that it’s driven by music with simple lyrics that allow you to draw conclusions about what you want out of lasting love.



When you lose someone unexpectedly, one of the most challenging things is the time that stretches in front of you without them. Even though Gerry finds a way to prove his love after he’s gone, many people don’t get that option. The lyrics in this song reflect how we try to make sure that the person we’re with feels loved and appreciated each day, so your memory lasts after you’re gone.

9. Rewind – Paolo Nutini


One interpretation of this song is the emptiness we feel when we have a breakup and wish for more time with the person to prove that all is not lost. Additionally, some of the emotions are so strong we cope with them by numbing out and sometimes imbibing in too much alcohol or doing anything we can to make those feelings subside. One of the things Holly does shortly after Gerry’s loss is to lose herself mentally, so she doesn’t have to feel the hurt of love gone too soon.

8. Fortress – Hope


When you lose someone you love to death, a piece of your heart, and sometimes your soul inevitably goes with them. The lyrics of this song speak to the movie because it’s about all the things you wish you still had time to do with them, even if you could have just one more minute. Additionally, the line in the chorus, “this love needs a home, strong by storm, keep us safe from harm,” relate to PS I Love You because the relationship they had was an island that shielded each other from the other things that happened in their day to day lives.

7. PS. I Love You – Nellie McKay


This movie is such a standout in the romantic movie genre; it’s only fitting that there’d be a song specifically for it. The song starts out with an integral part of the movie, a collection of letters that guides Holly through the roughest part of Gerry’s death. Not only did Nellie McKay sing this song, but she also starred in the movie.

6. My Sweet Song – Toby Lightman


Eventually, we have to let go of people even after they are gone. Although, for a time, hanging on to the memory is a comfort after a while, it becomes too painful. Some loves, meant to last a lifetime, are cut short too soon, much like the pair in the movie. However, as the song progresses, it’s a realization that the memory will never fade no matter how much time passes; it just fades enough for us to go on with our lives.

5. Carousel – Laura Izibor


One of the most heartbreaking parts of this movie is watching how perfectly Holly and Gerry fit together not just as a relationship but also as a partnership and friendship. Like other songs on this list, it’s Irish singer Laura Izibor who lends her voice to another haunting song of love lost.

4. Same Mistake – James Blunt


Even though the two characters are opposites and she lost him way too soon, it’s inevitable as the movie progresses, Holly wouldn’t do anything differently even if she knew it was all going to end the way it did. Blunt’s addition was part of the promotional campaign for the movie.

3. Kisses and Cake – John Powell


The opening of this song is very whimsical, much like the early days of love. Although there are no lyrics in the song, it’s one of the most beautiful because the instrumentation feels like you’re walking through Ireland, much like the place where Holly and Gerry first met. As it progresses, you can definitely hear influences from the genre.

2. Love You ‘Til The End – The Pogues


One of the saddest songs in the movie is Gerry singing this song to Holly in one of her dreams. The original version done by the Pogues is the perfect blend of modern Irish rock with a traditional beat.

1. If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly


How perfect of a song is this one for P.S. I Love You? After all, the lyrics are all about someone who promises to always be there for someone even after they are gone. Flogging Molly is an Irish punk band that blends the traditional with a modern feel, something that is built into the storyline of this movie.

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