The 10 Best Ciara Songs of All-Time


The lovely and talented Ciara has been in the spotlight for years. She’s been singing, performing, and living her life publicly for well over a decade, and her relationships, pregnancies, and her music continue to make headlines as her fans are always curious about her life. She’s one of the most famous R&B and hip hop artists of her generation. Let’s dive into some of her best works with the ten best Ciara songs of all time.

10- Love Sex Magic

Justin Timberlake helped write this Ciara classic song along with The Y’s and Mike Elizondo. Timberlake is featured in the music as well, and his voice makes a nice compliment to Ciara’s vocal style. This particular song was notable because it diverged from her usual go-to’s of crunk&b-influenced style or ballads. Instead, Love Sex Magic shows off her versatility with an electro-funk feel.

9- Like You (With Bow Wow)

Like You is a two-part musical exploration of love and gratitude. With lyrics about how unique and essential each singer feels their lover is to them. While this is far from a traditional love song, it is a modern, sweet, sentimental piece that is definitely for the committed lovers out there who are feeling that long-term vibe. According to, Like You was number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

8- I’m Out

I’m Out is a petty empowerment song about drinking to your breakup and showing off how great you are. Ciara collaborated with Nicki Minaj to create this fem-fan favorite. Sometimes, after a relationship ends, you just need to do as the song says and “get out on the floor, go and get your sexy on.” Everything else can wait, but taking back your own power is about self-confidence.

7- Get Up

Collaborating with other outstanding artists is a hallmark of many Ciara songs. For Get Up, she worked with Chamillionaire. This song is all about a woman who is feeling herself at the club, and she notices a hot guy who wants her. Dancing till dawn, leaving him breathless, and flirting are all part of the plan for this wild night out. Get Up was the lead single on Ciara: The Evolution and featured on the soundtrack for Step Up.

6- I Bet

I Bet is widely believed to be a diss track about Ciara’s relationship with Future. Most great singers do a love song, and then, sometime later, they do a breakup song, and sadly these usually reflect their own lives. Clearly, Ciara has moved on since then. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic angry, regretful heartbroken song that so many fans relate to on a deeply personal level.

5- 2 Step

2 Step, featuring the incomparable Missy Elliot, is a great dance track. This is the sort of song that can make anyone want to get out on the dance floor. There’s no politics, romance, or even overt sexualization in 2 Step. It’s all about the music and moving to the beat. There are too few songs like 2 Step around that are there purely for the way they invite everyone to join in the fun with no ulterior motives, overtones, or undertones.

4- Ride

Any song that is so sexy BET wouldn’t air it, and it was even banned from UK music channels is bound to be worth hearing. Ciara wrote and sang this song with Ludacris. Oddly, there are both ‘clean’ and explicit versions of this bawdy song. We could mince words, but Ludacris and Ciara didn’t. This is a song about sex. In fact, it’s a long-drawn-out and detailed description of how good the sex is between the singers.

3- Promise

Promise is a classic Ciara-style Ballad. As a clear, unashamed list of what the singer wants from love, this song is perfect. She talks about what she is willing to give in return, saying that there is nothing she won’t do. At the same time, she makes it clear that her promise only goes to the one who can be her prince and love her back.

2- Oh

Singing about where you come from is standard fare for most musicians at some point, but every artist has their own spin to put on the tale. Oh is all about Atlanta, and Ciara works with fellow Atlanta-born singer Ludacris again on this incredibly smooth song. It’s easy to see how much she loves her hometown and wants to share what makes it unique.

1- Goodies

Goodies is a great song and also the title of Ciara’s debut album. Oddly, Ciara almost didn’t record this song at all. According to People, Goodies was almost a Britney Spears song. At the time, Spears was already a hit with the record company, but Ciara was ready to fight for this song if necessary because not only was it a good song, but she helped write it. In the end, Ciara got to sing her music, and it was a smash hit.

Final Thoughts

The only thing better than listening to a great singer is listening to a great singer who also gives back to their community and the world. Whether she’s in the studio or the White House, which she recently visited, Ciara certainly knows how to use her voice. When you’re done with her top ten best songs of all time, and you can’t wait for more, we recommend digging into any one of Ciara’s seven outstanding studio albums.

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