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BLACK SABBATH Guitarist Tony Iommi Reveals His New Album Project

BLACK SABBATH‘s Tony Iommi announces his new and upcoming music project. PINK FLOYD drummer Nick Mason and Tony working together for a song.

This is the new project coming soon for a charity record album for cancer. Besides Tony Iommi and Nick Mason, the other famous musicians are contributed to be included and Tony speculated that THE ROLLING STONES guitarist Ronnie Wood could be in this charity album.

BLACK SABBATH guitarist also revealed the charity record existence. After he was asked about the status of his rumored collaboration with QUEEN guitarist Brian May.

During an appearance with Mariskal Rock Magazine, Tony Iommi reveals all details about this upcoming charity album:

“Well, we’ve Tony and Brian been talking for years about doing something together – and we haven’t gotten ’round to it yet. It’s been difficult because, certainly, for both of us, we were on tour, and then of course I was off-tour and then Brian’s on tour doing the Queen tour, which became very successful.

So they’ve been constantly touring, and we haven’t really gone any further with it. And of course, at the moment, Brian’s been going through a lot, you know, of medical things, so… But who knows? Yeah, it’d be nice, at some point, to do something. At the moment, I’m doing a – I’ve actually started putting some ideas down myself now. And I played on a track with Nick Mason a few weeks ago. We’re doing a charity record – for cancer.

“So I was asked if I’d play and come up with some riffs for it. There’s a lot of other celebrities doing something for this album; so yeah, I said, ‘Yeah, it’d be nice to do that.’ I think there’s Nick Mason, myself, and I think The Rolling StonesRonnie Wood‘s gonna play a bit on this track as well – I’m not sure. But, yeah, it was just interesting to do that.”

We don’t know when they exactly release this charity record but we wait its coming on early 2021.

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