Lars Ulrich Thoughts on How He Feels After James Hetfield’s Rehab Return

Lars Ulrich says his thoughts about how he feels after METALLICA‘s frontman James Hetfield‘s rehab return. He also touched on some of the interesting points.

METALLICA‘s James Hetfield returns from rehab in September 2019. This rehabilitation for his alcohol and other psychological issues. After that, he joined the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. That event happens ahead of the Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection exhibition, which features 10 of his stunning classic cars. And, his bandmates also curious about his health and more. Especially, Lars Ulrich reveals how he feels about him.

In a recent interview with Tiny TV on YouTube, METALLICA’s Lars Ulrich talked about how he feels about James Hetfield’s status:

“Of course, both Corona and rehab… It teaches one to live as much in the present – and to be grateful for all the possibilities that lie ahead. And accept the vulnerability and how easily it all can get out of hand. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, you might not think about it that much. It’s just, ‘Fuck, we just have to move on, we’re jumping headfirst into a vodka-bottle, and then we’re just going forward, full speed ahead!’

But of course, along the way, you really understand to be grateful for when we play a concert, when we are together, when we do a project or when we record this thing and that thing and so on. Of course, we hope and believe that there is a great chance that we can join The Rolling Stones and some of the other bands that run in their 70s and still play music. But you never know! Many things can happen along the way.

He added METALLICA’s state of mind:

“So open your eyes, take it all in, and be grateful! We should be happy every time we are together or when something positive happens. And that’s what you can take with you from the last five months. I have to say I feel that the Metallica family worldwide – it is not something that we ‘own’ or something that we ‘control’… It’s something that belongs to all of us. Metallica is actually more of a state of mind.

Of course, we also want, just like all the fans – and we are big fans ourselves, I am Metallica’s biggest fan, as I have said ever so often – we want and hope for the best for Metallica because it means so much to all of us. We wish for the best and, of course, hope that James gets through the difficult times and that those who are affected by Corona get through it in the best possible way.”

Lars Ulrich also added how they managed the METALLICA after the James Hetfield returns:

“As I said before, we’ve been together for two weeks, we’ve played a whole lot. We’ve had really good vibes. So he’s definitely back! But I do not think that I should say that he’s ‘out on the other side of rehab.’ I think if he was here and was interviewed, he would probably say that it’s a constant process. It is not a process that at any point ends for him.

So this is something that needs to be respected all the time, and that is something that must be understood all the time. It’s something that is there every day. When you have to go through those processes, it is not something that suddenly one day ends. But he plays and he’s happy, and I think that he is in good shape and eager to play!

He takes it very seriously. And he really does a good job, when he has to go through those processes. Then he rolls up his sleeve and really works hard, and we in Metallica respect that too. And, of course, we hope the best for him and – so far, so good!”

You can listen to the entire interview below!

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