New Zorro Reboot Series is Coming and Collaboration with John Gert

A new series of El Zorro is being started developing by Secuoya Studios with John Gertz. As we know, John Gertz is the founder of Zorro Studios and the producer of 11 Zorro movies.

And now, he is developing a new version of the El Zorro movies into series in collaboration with Andy Kaplan and former Sony exec Jesús Torres. And the lead producer is going to be Los Angeles-based Secuoya Studios for the reboot series.

The franchise’s characters will be modernized in the new Zorro series

In the past, we have also heard about a new series of Zorro already being planned. And a strong woman character was going to be in front this time. It seems that ideas are much likely the same but just a few names seem to be changed such as the series’ director and screenwriters.

The new Zorro‘s director is Jonás Cuarón. Glenn Gers and Jonás Cuarón are writing the series screenplay. On the other hand, the revealed names of the series’s cast are Gael García Bernal as Zorro and Kiersey Clemons as Zoe by now. But we don’t know anything about the rest of the characters and Zorro’s release date yet.

The new version of Zorro will update the franchise’s characters

David Martínez said that “The new version of Zorro will update the franchise’s characters with reference to modern times and include a large female presence. This is one of the biggest IPs, not only in the Spanish-speaking territories but the world.”

There is much more to come from Secuoya Studios

Secuoya Studios also revealed producing feature films and unscripted projects’ plans. They announced on Thursday, that their business plan includes participating in 35 projects annually with a total investment of €125 million ($150 million) a year.

So the other projects that are in development at the production house are:

  • The School of Americas based on the novel by Lesley Gill
  • A comic by Kevin Grevioux about a LatinX woman superhero
  • “La pérdida del paraiso,” by Jose Luis Muñoz. It is going to be an adaptation of the same-titled book and is about Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas.
  • A co-producing “La Isla” with Chile’s Tiki Pictures
  • A horror series with “Money Heist” star Alvaro Morte

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