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DEEP PURPLE’s Roger Glover Explains Why Vocalist Refuse To Sing “Child In Time”

DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover explains why vocalist refuses to sing “Child In Time” anymore. Here are the reasons Ian Gillan‘s disinclination to sing the band’s classic track on live concerts.

The famous rock band recently out on June 2020 their ‘Whoosh!’ album. Normally, DEEP PURPLE would go to a European tour for this album promo. But due to the pandemic, the band postponed the tour in 2021. This album also expected it would be their last project. And the latest farewell tour would have includes some of the legendary songs band through until the end of 2021. Also, the fans waiting for more songs from the ’70s with Roger Glover, Ian Gillian, and Ian Paice.

However, Roger Glover explains on new interview Noise11, and you can watch below:

“We recorded it last summer, a year ago. It’s uncanny. We’ve been together for 50 years. Well, sort of untogether and together. 50 years as a band is a pretty long time. There was an unconscious feeling that this could be our final album. Any album we make these days could be our final album. We are all in our 70s. Gillian and I write words together. Sometimes we write words apart. This album is more him than me. He was in a very contemplating mood. Where he comes up with stuff like that, I do not know.”

Roger Glover also added:

“We wrote that song when we were 24, and when you’re 24, you can do things a lot differently than you can when you’re 74. I think it was also spoiled a little bit by politics in the band back in the days. Ian Gillan, one night, couldn’t go on and he said, ‘I’ve got a cold. I can’t do ‘Child In Time’ tonight.’ And Ritchie Blackmore went on and started playing the opening chords. Of course, the audience went nuts, and Ian was forced to do it. So it became a bit of a cause célèbre.

As Ian got older, he tried to do it, but we didn’t wanna cheat and have the top harmony played by a sampler or a guitar or something like that. And so he said, ‘That’s it. I’m not singing that song ever again.’ And it’s not that he’s not proud of it; it’s just that he doesn’t wanna sing it. And this was… I don’t know how long ago this was… Ten, fifteen years ago.”

DEEP PURPLE ‘Whoosh’ is available via earMUSIC on here. Check the full interview below.

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