Are Stranger Things Co-Stars Back For Filming In Season 4 Together?

Stranger Things co-stars Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown got back together in a new TikTok post with saying, “And we’re back.” So naturally, this caption has made all the fans wonder whether Schnapp and Brown are filming new scenes for Stranger Things season 4 together or not. Considering the filming has already started, could this mean they are really back together for filming season 4 as well?

All the fans of Stranger Things over the world have been waiting eagerly for the beloved series new season as they also wait for any news about it to ease their anticipations even for a little. So, this also makes everyone pushing themselves to think harder even every little piece to find something out from it as well. And Schnapp‘s post brings a new question as if the already existed ones not enough, are Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown filming again for Stranger Things season 4 together?

Speculations for Stranger Things season 4

As we all wait for Stranger Things season 4, there are lots of rumors that have been wandering around about the production and what might be ahead of us along with massive speculations. So, with the time is passing through, the questions are also getting bigger like a raw, as well. But this is actually the real reason why they can not be all true.

On the other side, it’s obvious that we have nothing better to do until we can meet the series for ourselves eventually. And since we can’t stop ourselves, let’s brainstorm together what could this new TikTok video, which you can watch below, of Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown mean. Stranger Things season 4 is currently being filmed in Georgia. So Schnapp and Bobby being together why can not really mean that they are filming with the rest of the cast together for the new season, right?

When is Stranger Things season 4 expected to release?

But as a matter of a fact, we won’t know that until the anticipated season comes. And it is expected to be released on Netflix later this year if the filming will end before the summer. And the rest will up to production hands. So if production will take longer than expected, it is also most likely for us to wait until 2022 for the upcoming season to arrive.

While there are also newcomers to Stranger Things in its upcoming season, even its possible fifth season is started to being discussed for sometime before season 4 comes as well. You can find out more about it here.

Ultimately, we still have time to meet our beloved series. So stay tuned as we keep you updated with news.


And we’re back

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