Tool guitarist Adam Jones shares early version of ‘Descending’ track

Tool guitarist Adam Jones shares an early version of the ‘Descending‘ song. He also added a one-minute clip of an early version of this track from Tool’s Fear Inoculum album.

American famous rock band Tool‘s latest album ‘Fear Inoculum‘ already out on August 30th, 2019. On the early stage of the album whole band working hard. After that album, they won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance. If it didn’t have a pandemic during the months we probably watch Tool’s live shows with 2020 tour. But now we need to wait for the end of your pandemic.

Also, the band drummer Danny Carey hopes for the new EP during the quarantine. So it took 13 years for the Fear Inoculum but we hope this will out soon or maybe this year.

Here’s also Tool guitarist Adam Jones shares a video with the message:

“Early comp of what is now descending. Writing music Justin [Chancellor, bass] and I normally bring in potential riffs and demos – then the 3 of us tear them apart like wolves while DC stirs it up with the most opposite counter rhythm drumming (which actually does drives everything forward) Justin brought in this killer 7 melody which is now the main verse of the song. (He called it ‘bluegrass’ as a working title).”

He added:

“We jammed it a LONG time trying to find other cool working parts. Eventually, I added the 9beat turnaround and a chorus. Then we arranged the intro -which came along very naturally. *The two guitar parts are recorded left and right stereo so feel free to try some headphones ~enjoy friends”

You can watch and listen to the ‘Descending‘ song below.


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