AURORA Celebrates Runaway’s Anniversary Live With Her New EP Album

As the time flies away, it’s been six years since AURORA has released her breakthrough single Runaway. And she announced that she will celebrate her anniversary with her upcoming EP live stream.

Runaway was one of the songs, which belongs to her 2016 debut album ‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’. The Norwegian singer and songwriter’s song was acclaimed with her song and went on to collect over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. She also has recently shared a new photo focusing on her upcoming album with releasing a music video for The Secret Garden.

AURORA inspires others

Among her success, she also inspires other people with her beautiful songs we heard. Earlier, Billie Ellish said in one of her interviews with Vanity Fair that AURORA was an inspiration of hers, especially with her song Runaway.

“When I was 12, I saw Aurora’s ‘Runaway’ music video, something inside me clicked, like, that is what I want to do, no matter whether it goes anywhere or not.”

And AURORA responded to her in NME 2019 saying

“I think the world needs more artists who just do what they want. She uses her voice is such a cool way. I’m also a big fan of her brother Finneas O’Connell and the way he produces lo-fi percussion. I will be listening to her more because she must be doing something right. The world seems to adore her right now because she’s really cool.”

Today is not only her first success’ anniversary of Runaway but is also the day AURORA releases the first of a series of curated EPs from her catalog. So she will release ‘For The Humans Who Take Long Walks In The Forest’ song from her upcoming EP to celebrate ‘Runaway’ turning six today, 4th February. And there is more…

AURORA also announced that she will perform a live stream set on her YouTube channel on the same day -which is today- at 8 pm GMT. So it seems we got a party on our hands today. What a celebration, huh?


01. ‘Runaway’
02. ‘Little Boy In The Grass’
03. ‘Home’
04. ‘Winter Bird’
05. ‘Running With The Wolves’
06. ‘The Seed’

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