Apple TV+ shares trailer of Beastie Boys Story documentary

Apple has shared a first teaser trailer for its upcoming Beastie Boys Story documentary also a director with Spike Jonze.

This Beastie Boys production is described as a live doc experience. That also focuses on the music band’s history and legacy. It’s based on the ‘Beastie Boys Book’ published in October 2018. Additional that will feature Horovitz and Diamond discussing their long-running friendship and rise nothing to the fame. In this first teaser trailer kicks off with the opening of Paul Revere: “Now here’s a little story that I’ve got to tell/ About three bad brothers that you know so well.”

Here’s the review of News Editor Ben Kaye that wrote,

“Playful, funny, enlightening, and at times a bit messy, the two-act story provided a truly fun and fascinating look into the creativity and career of Beastie Boys. You were likely to leave either far more knowledgable about your favorite group or a bigger fan than ever. But the most prodigious takeaway is what a remarkable talent Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch was, and how integral he was to make the group the legends they are.”

Here’s the official synopsis of the Beastie Boys documentary. “Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz share the story of their band and 40 years of friendship in a live documentary directed by a friend, collaborator, and their former grandfather, Spike Jonze.”

Beastie Boys Story will premiere April 24th, 2020 to ‌Apple TV‌+. Check out the first teaser trailer below.

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